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"Diligent obedient devoted summer labor slaves without their own mistress are sought by the OWK between May and September Only physically and mentally impeccable tenacious well-shaped young men in good shape can apply to men committed to Female Domination In case of admission they are the personal property of the Empress Condition: perfect health Smoking alcohol and drug addiction are grounds for elimination Application (including picture) with Lady Gabrielle"
Peter read in thought the advertisement on the most recently discovered website on the Internet He found it by accident Since then he's rented some OWK movies that he liked It's like they're even better than LEDA over there They've been doing a lot of browsing with chattel's dead American friend's name on it Interesting on the Internet so far he hasn't noticed this amazon empire As soon as he read about it he realized it was too expensive he couldn't afford a vacation like this
Not for the dominas not for a trip of 1000 Euros there are studios that would do it for 100 euros but they don't have that kind of money He was not always so poor he wept for he had been sent to a French nursery school by his wealthy parents who had learned French and English when he was a child every holiday in England or France and then the car crash and everything changed As an orphan she was raised by her grandmother under more modest circumstances and now she is sick too; it is a big expense that she cannot afford
In the meantime he focused again on the appeal I need a picture there's a picture in the machine What do I have to lose? What is this what's-his-name again looking into the ad Gabrielle had already knocked: "a 20-year-old woman interested in OWK and a university student in Berlin with no money"
The answer was quickly on my email Gabrielle greeted him as a" male creature " and assured him he could come but he would have to pay in advance and later if he spent the three months he would be satisfied with it and the Empress would give him a discount and exceptionally he would get a membership free of charge If it doesn't work you'll get your money back but send it to me as soon as you can you don't want to have sex with con men on the phone He gave me his cell phone where they can actually talk about the details
He called right away:
- I'm Peter from Berlin Ma'am
- Oh come on Angel Only the slave Peter shows up humbly and requests an audience The German response was impeccable
- I beg your pardon mistressyes I understand I just want to be sure about the money because I have to borrow money if I get in trouble
- Listen to me you little idiot For this mistrust you deserve to be beaten separately what I wrote in the email is true how dare you accuse a lady of cheating Otherwise we don't need your moneyit's just insurance We can live without it But Labor is expensive and we've figured out a way to make poor people like you work hard and satisfy your desires out of "goodwill" So instead of money you pay with sweat and in return you suffer That's what you want isn't it? Business is booming more and more American and other rich domes are coming mostly not with a slave It's a lot of work Why hire employees you're cheaper You get it dummy A cleaning lady costs more than you and she only works eight hours has to pay taxes etc Otherwise we prefer poor people who come here with a debt to fill their time
- I Understand Mistress It makes sense You got yourself a deal I Believe You
- Hm most of the people who are interested are actually coming Discount is very seductive The Germans are usually good workers they're almost difficult to punish for their work but don't worry we're resourceful Have you studied the questionnaire thoroughly?
- Is it superficial?
- Of course he's dumb not for us but for you We want to know exactly what you want For you? The most accurate You're very different If you don't want us to torture your testicles or have someone sit on your mouth etc you have to sign off on that Then we'll take some of that into consideration Women as superior beings are free in this area but they tend to take your whining into account
 Don't worry no one's ever come home crippled you'll make it He'll post bail and if you're smart you'll be given a very detailed description – you'll get a number and we'll put it in our museum You stay anonymous We know you're afraid your secret will come out
- We don't take advantage of this not that we care so much about your soul but because it's not good for business You realize we're going to use you but you're going to get something you're so yearning for About 50 % of you are coming back for the second and third time In fact there are people who can get a lady here so good luck
- Yes Mistress I will do everything exactly as you suggested
- Okay I hope you're not a con man


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