Two straight friends forget all about it

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My wife and I used to dream about what it would be like to have more boys fuck her at the same time Because he loves the wildest sex if only in theory but I tried to imagine the story I told him last night
"You're in the kitchen cooking I walk in there and you're going crazy in that sexy little dress you're wearing I can see there's nothing underneath I walk up and I want to kiss you but you push me away
I'm totally horny I'm pulling you in but you're pushing me away so I'm gonna squeeze your arm hard and I'm gonna pull you over I kiss you you bite my tongue in defense This is gonna make me a little mad and I'm gonna flip you over and I'm gonna throw you on the kitchen counter and I'm gonna spread your legs and I'm gonna grab your feet under your knees and I'm gonna lick your pussy wild "hungry" and I'm gonna lick you but you're missing your butt but I'm gonna hold you and I'm gonna lick you
I'm gonna stand up and I want to kiss you but you won't let me so I'm gonna hold your arm and kiss your neck and rip your clothes off
You're standing naked in front of me I'm gonna grab your pussy with one hand and put a finger in you right now You're trying to push me away with your free hand for this so I'm gonna turn you over and I'm gonna put you on the counter I'm gonna push you on the counter and I'm gonna put my dick in your pussy from behind I always start fucking you hard hard
As I fuck you you try to run away from this much more exciting as you run away and twist your butt I fuck you with more and more heat As a result of the fuck your defense is slipping you're starting to enjoy it and I can use my hands to massage one of your breasts and stick the thumb of my other hand in your butt where I put the dam to my dick and my finger moves along with my dick Wild and horny now it's affecting me so much that when you come after a few shots I spray your pussy all over
I pull my dick out you push me away angry and you go instead of wearing your torn clothes you put on another one you don't talk to me
That's when the bell rings and two friends arrive You answer the door so all you could wear was a robe you let them in
I can see in my friends that your carelessly worn robe has allowed them to see more than you wanted to see so they're a little distracted by your flickering breasts and that you don't seem to have anything else on
My friends ask me if we're gonna watch the game and you're gonna be mad and reckless and tell me we're watching it from your side but you might as well fuck all three of you
I know you said it out of anger but my friends say you're open to a lot of things and you've been with a lot of guys before so they take it seriously One of them wants to open your robe but you push his hand away He'll slap you a little but not a big one and he'll rip your robe off and you'll be standing naked between the three of us
Because you wouldn't let me have sex with her before I'm gonna play along for revenge let my friends know that the three of us can come and take you into the bedroom
I'll put you on the bed and tell my friends not to take your objections seriously but let's go Two of my friends are getting undressed I'm getting undressed and I grab one leg with one hand my friend with the other and the third one comes between your legs and since you're wet they're gonna believe you're pretending to disagree so he sticks his dick in you and I'm gonna take your ankle and I'm gonna turn your head towards me and I'm gonna shove my dick in your mouth my other friend who holds your feet with his other hands and rolls your breasts and puts his dick close to your head
I take my dick out of your mouth and I turn your head towards my friend's Dick and he puts it right in your mouth and you're forced to suck it
You keep sucking on my friend and the other one keeps fucking your pussy but now I'm swapping with him and I'm fucking you hard and he's taking the blow job I'll hold your legs they'll massage you they'll work out your boobs they'll take turns fucking your mouth
This goes on for like 10 minutes and then I switch with my friend who hasn't had sex and I get in with the sucker too
I'm gonna shove my dick down your throat a little bit and it's a surprise but you're gonna have a blast
My friend takes his dick out and you sit up you want to leave but I catch you I turn you in front of me I lay on your back two friends open your legs and I push my dick in)


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