Tops handsfree cumpilation

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I wanted a sweet dream with you with you together Now I'm sitting in front of the machine writing what I want to dream and maybe someday I can make it happen
My fingers creep over the keys caressing me with my thoughts as if what I give them is for you They share my excitement my love as if to convey my desire to you:
It's a gift for you because you've told me so many times you've told me about your secret desire we've fantasized we've been weaving dreams together
Your imagination is limitless that's what's really good about you It's you that excites me your thoughts your essence It will and it won't and I don't want to get out so now read my story
One day you show up at work a huge warehouse and I'm afraid to speak out of excitement I'll show you around see where I used to fantasize about you and where I imagined my secret desires with you
After I've shown you all the parts of the building I invite you to my office and I'm going to ask you questions because I haven't seen you in a very long time I can't get enough of you I long for you so much that I can't stand it any longer and I touch you with my lips and touch you with a cool kiss I can see that you've longed for this and your lips are beginning to imitate you eagerly
I will travel with my hands to touch every part of you with my hands but you are not idle and you will put your hand on my cock It's almost like he's dying to be unwrapped and pampered but the pants are still blocking it I'm gonna take my hand and rub your big round breasts and then I'm gonna use the other one to take your top off The sight drives me mad and I will jump on your vast bosom with my mouth and give them girl kisses I spend a little time at your nipple and with my tongue I feel that they are getting harder and harder While my lips are constantly on your breasts my hands are caressing your thighs and you are giving me great sighs to know how much you are burning with desire to finally touch your most sensitive part of your body I won't hesitate long and then I'll start unbuttoning your tight jeans I ask you to get out of the chair so that I can free you from your pants so that I may at last pile my kisses on your hot pussy the smell of which makes me crazy After I've got you out of your misery and you're standing in front of me completely naked you put one of your legs on the chair so I can bend over to your hot and wet opening and then I start to lick your freshly shaved naked pussy with crazy heat The world around you will cease to exist and you will surrender to your passion and desires
You put your hand on my head and you try to push it further to your thighs and with my tongue I will enter your narrow hole and then I will pamper you with my fingers After a while I go down with my tongue and I start to care about your other opening which makes you a little surprised but the desire will overwhelm you and let me excite you there You can't take it anymore and you tell me you want my dick and then you take all my clothes off in a heartbeat()


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