TIM – Hard Cuts 2

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Let's start with I'm a good girl I'm not and I've never been available for a quickie I only had a few friends and I only slept with one
So in the summer I went to visit a friend of mine Noémi I spent a month at her place and she thought it was best if we went out for the first night He called some of his ismis and agreed to meet us at 8: 00 at Blaha Lujza square We were on our way and he said it was mostly girls but there's gonna be some guys We were supposed to meet at 8: 00 and I asked around 8: 30 if we were expecting anyone else (because I took the word " yes " out of the conversation of the others) And I was right Another guy apparently He was half an hour late so I'm not into him anymore
The others were talking big and then someone said something behind our backs and everyone turned
 I wish I could think of an effective entry line
As soon as I saw it my breath was practically gone (and I'm not like I'm swooning at the sight of every guy)
- Finally We thought you'd never get here - He was greeted by the others
- The lead always comes last
- All right since we're all here let me introduce you to someone - My girlfriend started it and I felt like I was the one who was gonna get screwed - Guys this is my 1000-year-old girlfriend so be nice to her - He pushed me a little further implying it was my turn
- Bye-bye I'm Sandra I'm from Pécs and I'm only here for Noi And you don't have to be nice to me I mean my girlfriend kept me in the loop
- All right all right we get it I think we're ready to go Forward - He took a Quick Step and everyone followed him and I was standing there and I had a picture of how I could say something so stupid But when I raised my head I realized that almost everyone was following my crazy girlfriend There he was
- So we don't have to be nice to you  Actually I couldn't tell if that was a question or a statement
- No no no no no I mean yes just~
- All right all right don't push yourself - He stepped in front of me and held out his hand - I'm Viktor
And I was standing there tonight after my second session making a fool of myself and I felt like I was on fire I took his hand and looked him in the eye at the same time but I couldn't stand the look in his eyes She had beautiful golden brown eyes and what appeared at first sight was the beautiful bright black hair of the miracle The idyllic moment is disturbed by my friend's screams
- Hey what are you doing? Come on Viktor didn't I tell you not to try him?
- I don't remember that
My friend is leaving the company and coming back to us
- Listen Viktor Don't try to sleep with her and don't try to sleep with her There's plenty of girls you can have fun with every night right? Besides I'm trying to catch the next tram so it'd be nice if Viktor would just keep talking
- That one? - He's totally comfortable pointing at the tram
- Yes I did Runrun - Noi takes my hand and starts pulling after you We've reached the tram but only just barely
We've been to the fun place Since it wasn't my familiar nail present I wasn't home for their subject and I was distracted a lot I used to watch Viktor sometimes He didn't really talk about it eitherhe just drank his beer every once in a while But once we met I turned my head Viktor stood up and came to me
- Come on Let's take a walk
Jerk yells at me - VIKTOR
- I know I know No trying  He took my hand and pulled me out of the chair and took me to the attic We walked out to the edge and then at least for me there was an awkward silence I've been thinking about what to say for minutes and Viktor's been drinking his beer
- You - - I would have started all nervous
- Where are you from?
- What? - I watched it go blank I mean after five minutes of thinking I finally want to spit something out and then he just he just gets all up in my face
- Where are you from?
- Nyíregyháza
- That's not close
- No I don't
We talked for a few minutes and all I can think about is sex Which is actually my fault because I led the way I mean I told you I'm sure he sleeps with better girls every day And he said:
- When was the last time you went to bed?
- Three months
- Oh I see
Then both our phones ring at the same time We both got a text from Noi saying "he doesn't know what we're doing but we're leaving" No wonder it's after 11: 00
At the time of the divorce when we were with the others I may have looked a little longer than I should have
My girlfriend arranged for me to see Viktor every day As it turns out in hindsight after day one she was already texting me so much I totally like her


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