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I run a medium-sized business where we make metal structures Fortunately the wagon was doing well thanks to the multi-corporation in the area and the initial capital my parents gave me After college I started working at one of the companies but seeing the poor supplier background I decided to start a business My connections were built in like a year and a half and I knew how much to sell and who the key people were I was able to offer much better prices than the existing Western European suppliers I was also lucky because a small public company was dissolved at the time which I applied for with my parents ' compensation tickets after the second failed sale and I succeeded (because no other applicants were available) Unfortunately restoring the land and the plants cost a lot of money and the family spent almost all their resources on it but it was worth it I was able to rent several plant halls to start-up companies which gave me the opportunity to pay lease fees for newly purchased modern machines Then the business started I managed to get it to my old firm which was a great reference so I could expand I started eight years ago with four people and I've had 50 employees since Office activities have also increased we've built a modern office building I've hired an engineer a chief accountant an administrative secretary and a payroll clerk It's a pretty good team especially with our Chief Accountant She was a 38-year-old woman looking for a job after childbirth and that's when she applied for my ad Zsuzsa was very beautiful and desirable A womanly round butt with no breasts hanging and a beautiful face despite the two children She's kind of a typical wife smart sexy and devoted housewife We were very close we talked a lot We discussed each other's families I rarely met her family who came to her office: her husband an ordinary guy some kind of business the big girl (17 years old now senior in high school and extremely pretty) and of course little Bubby (4 years old) I have to admit I was really into Zsuzsa but I didn't want to mess with her because I knew then we would lose our friendship and maybe I would have lost a great colleague I've been trying to spend more and more time with my family and my wife to compensate for my attraction to Zsuzsa My boys were real devils so they need energy and patience Unfortunately my wife had a lot of illnesses spinal problems which sometimes caused a lot of pain continued treatment regular spa visits Our sex life was pretty limited because of that kind of old-fashioned Weekly Max we made love once but still carefully avoiding the heat No wonder I masturbated regularly after a while There was a time when I was at the company looking at porn sites online hiding out in the privacy of my office I used to think of Zsuzsa in the men's room Days went by weeks went by sometimes I'd visit a whore to appease my desire I had to work less and less because luckily my engineer and Foreman worked efficiently and reliably Zsuzsa ran the economy I trusted her completely and I gave her more and more responsibility He negotiated and concluded many supply contracts himself And then I hired a salesman who took more of my weight off my shoulders The team was doing well and I was just dealing with the bigger businesses the clients and I was looking at the results So I had more and more time Business was booming and I was busy satisfying my desires
One day we went home to my parents who live 30 miles from us and I met an old school friend who owned a transport company We need to know that the ride is one of our biggest costs We were talking about business and he was complaining about the competition He mentioned that he thought it was his competition who happens to be an old pal of his who works for me I said I was sure but I don't know because I don't do the freight contracts And then that was it In my office I was thinking about checking out the Teamster Zsuzsa wasn't there that day so I asked her accountant for the papers
That wasn't the company in the contract that my buddy said Something wasn't right I've been doing some research Turns out the contractor was owned by Zsuzsa's husband and he's a middleman works exclusively with subcontractors I called my buddy to find out how much the actual Teamster works for the company and soon I got the info I split it multiplied it and it turns out that in two years they took like $ 10 million off me Son of a bitch That's what happens when you trust someone If they steal from you here they might steal from you somewhere else I pulled out all the contracts looked into them all One of the raw material suppliers has openly admitted that the only way he can deliver to us is by continuously passing 10% to Zhuzsa's husband That's a couple of million


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