THE Scott Fin Fucks His Recruit Buddy RAW – ActiveDuty

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We've been together almost three months and we've only been together like twice Even though I'm a girl it wasn't enough for me but I was never demanding I was just trying to find out the reasons gently I still don't really know the explanations I really wanted his touch and he didn't give it to me We were together and we weren't I've never met a guy who avoided intimacy more than he did Everything was fine as long as we were with company but he always made sure that there were never two of us And when he did he drank a lot He was the perfect guy for me And the first in many things No I haven't been a virgin in a while but he was my first real boyfriend I dared to introduce him to my parents I offered him my bed first he was gonna be the first guy to sleep in my bed he was the first person to touch me with a touch that made me want things that I was surprised myself I wished for her I wanted to feel her body but she retreated and she didn't trust me although after a while it became mutual
It was also the first time I wrote for him because all I've ever done is write a diary
At the beginning of June this guy really wanted me and I turned him down because I would never cheat on him But I also realized that if we don't change it's over I wanted her body and soul and I thought her body was easier to get than her soul and well what guy would say no to a pretty girl who happens to be his girlfriend? I thought it was nobody I was wrong Him
It's also the first time I've ever sent a long mms to anyone but her He said you didn't get it so here he is
"I had a beautiful dream today (2006 Monday 0605) in the morning I don't know when but this dream has to happen or end because I've been awakened but I can't do it now but I'll write it down for you Imagine there's a room with just the two of us in it All around us there are candles burning and in the twilight we can only see each other's contours We're still apart but not for long Imagine us getting close holding my waist holding you close and waiting for you to kiss me I'm gonna let you take the initiative and I'm gonna wait and I really want you And then I can't stand it and I'm gonna pull my tongue through your mouth and I'm gonna kiss you like I haven't seen you in like a month
Then you gently bite my mouth with your tongue slowly circling and then you suddenly switch to intense like you're trying to eat me and then you slow down again I feel like we've been kissing for hours but we've only been kissing for a few minutes After I feel that it's not enough I start kissing your neck gently at first and then more passionately I know you like it Sometimes I go back to your mouth and smoke it I can feel it I can hear you breathing I can feel your heart beating faster I put my hand around your neck now I slide it down and I start unbuttoning your shirt Nice and slow and I can feel you wanting me I'm gonna take your shirt off and I'm gonna kiss you and I'm gonna pull my tongue from your chin to your belly button I'm gonna pull you over to the bed you're gonna lie down and you're gonna let me kiss you
You're already smiling Our hands roam each other's bodies You reach under my top you rub my tits I moan yeah that's what I want I finally get what I want I'm smoothing your whole body it's nice to see your excitement and your sexual excitement You're lying in front of me the best boyfriend I've ever had and the most special one and you want me I'm gonna pull your jeans off and I'm gonna pull your boxer shorts off I look at you questioning I wear all my clothes but I only ask with my eyes I don't speak I don't want to break the spell You know what I mean You get rid of the top I'm not wearing a bra I don't need a piece of clothing You lie on my back and kiss me like that Then you pull down and start sucking on my neck There's a mark but it doesn't bother me it didn't bother me last timeyou did it and like I said You can do anything to me You take my breasts in your hand you look me in the eye for a moment your eyes glisten and you smile


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