Teen Boy gets Morning Drilled by StepDaddy

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It was a hot day at the end of August I couldn't stand not seeing roses anymore It was a good reason to meet him on his name day
I bought a red rose and went to the store
He was alone no customers He was a little surprised at the welcome we met a long time agohe didn't expect it
- You know what Attila if you're not busy Why don't you come to my house we'll be closing up in a minute we'll have a drink "Andras is on vacation and waiting for me" he said
We walked to their house Rose went forward showed me the way It led me to the living room floating in the stream of light
He took a white card from the table in the middle of the room and threw it back
- Shit they went to the beach You should have waited for me But we can still celebrate Isn't that right? - he asked
"Of course" I said with a dry mouth I could hardly hide my admiration for this beautiful woman
- What are you drinking? He asked
"I don't care what you say" I said
Rose went to the liquor cabinet brought two glasses and a bottle of cognac It's served for both of us
- Cheerscheers cheers
"Happy Name Day again" I said and struck my glass at his
It poured again We were talking asking how you managed to make your new house so beautiful
I asked about your son
- He's 12 years old Children grow and we grow old
- You're not showing anything at all You're a wonderful person and a brilliant woman - I whispered
- Yeah you're just saying that That's what you men are - he answered - Pour some more It's almost too much for me I drank too fast
I kneel before the table and pour it into the glasses When I was done I wasn't sitting back I was admiring Roses
- What are you looking at? Have you ever seen a white man?
- Rose you're so beautiful I love you so much - I said in a low voice
They made me cry I couldn't help but drill my face into Rose's lap
Rose raised my head kneeled before me and held me tightly He put my head on his shoulder caressed the back of my head
- You little donkey Don't do this I love you too but in a different way I understand I love someone else
I calmed down Rose loosened her embrace wiped the tears from my face with her fingers
- All right Calm down? Is everything okay? - and he kissed me on the lips
I held her beautiful face in my hands which was so beautiful that it may have been just Murillo's Angels
His eyes were like two diamonds and there was a strange fire
I slowly approached her face carefully I stuck my mouth to his lips He tried to push me away with his hands I wouldn't let him His resistance has diminished Her lips opened to allow her tongue a free passage He pulled it back Now I pushed my tongue between his lips and they soon began a playful learning dance
Rose's hands slipped down my back He grabbed my shirt and pulled it off me over my head
With my hands on the cloth I smoothed the beloved woman's breasts and began to unbutton her blouse When I got there I pushed him off his shoulder He let his hands down so the light little piece of clothing fell off We stuck together again I caressed my dear's back to find her bra clasp I turned it off the first time I let Rose out of her bra I kissed one of them and the other was in the palm of my hand I stuck to his mouth again
Rose's hand slipped down my back caressed my skin with her nails unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it off with my underwear He's been kissing my tits my stomach and putting my half-hard dick in his mouth After a short time the excitation of his tongue was found in stone
We held each other tightly again clinging to each other with our mouths I unzipped his miniskirt and by his shoulder I gently laid him down on the fur next to us I pulled down her skirt and her little panties He helped me lift his butt I lay close to him We continued to kiss and my hand slipped down her body to her lap I found the entrance to the cup of pleasure I smoothed his clitoris and shoved one of my fingers up the already wet vagina to find the G spot()


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