Taking a thick dick with hands tied

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I'm 27 without a serious relationship Sometimes someone came in for a little whileand I thought nowbut it always turns outit's not me they wantit's what I can give or have a worse wife or boyfriend I don't want to complain or feel sorry for myself because I have everything a man could want financially I'm successful at my job I have a loving family and wonderful friends But no partner I don't go to gay places so I have one choice I've been looking at Dating Sites and it's always the same Middle-aged men chasing emotions and young men who don't know what to do with it or who don't appreciate it when they get there I like people over 40 who knows why One nightafter two or three conversations about me and him in a vulgar stylego to bedI don't want thoseI thought I'd be fine on my own (I would be lying if I said that this thing is not important because I also have expectations about the toolbut this is not the most important topic of my acquaintance)
It's just that every nightlying in bedit would be nice to hold someone love them with love it's changed what I really wanted to believe
Then I looked at his profile The first picture is small but promisingI asked if I could look at the more oneslet me His eyes are brown and warm and smiling intelligent slightly balding very handsome charming He's looking at my card He writes to me that he might have everything I'm looking for45 years oldglasses portly and slightly balding and even the right size
(I do not want miracles in size but a pleasantly short tool)
And I like to send her a picture toobut don't send her naked because it's not about what's in my pants that matters to her I blink in amazement in front of the machine I read the mail over and over sucked in and savored those few words dissecting where the error isbut it's not Simple straightforward honest
A few exchanges of letters and I'm sending him my phone number because he thinks and wants everything like me about music food and a hundred other things we feel the same way about As soon as I push the Send button I regret it but it's too late The waiting seems endless She calls me her voice is calm and tenderly caressed by every word she says Long talk like we've known each other forever All in less than a week He keeps calling me the next day my heart's pounding when I see him looking for me Turns out he works a lot and he travels a lot like me He lives 200 kilometers from me but what is it these days? Next week I'm busy near him asking if I'd like to meet him Yes of course there isI can't wait to see it We'll talk about it we'll have lunch and we'll continue to get to know each other Until the meeting comes he calls me every day and I call him I'm happy and free but I'm also struggling to see what happens if she doesn't like me
The day will come I'll finish the trial early and I'll get to the restaurant first It's nice and cool in there but the tie is tight and I feel like I'm burning up in my jacket It arrives after a few endless minutes She's elegant she smells wonderful and she smiles with her naughty brown eyes when she sees me At lunch we have a nice conversation sometimes his hands touch my hands and under the table our knees curl up He has a burning desire in his eyes but he doesn't mention it in a word Polite and kind When we get up from the table one look at his pants and I'm done because it's tight it barely fits At the car I say what I want like it's not even me "Spend the afternoon alone with me" please He doesn't even think he says yes We Rent A Room I can't stand it in the elevator anymoreI stroke his handhe grabs it and pulls me to him She holds me gently and kisses me gentlyher lips are softher moustache tickles I'm holding my hips to his I can feel how tough he is just like me Her lips caress me I can barely breathe We get up there I screw up with the keys I get excited I finally open the door He closes behind ushe embraces mehe tells me in my ear if I really want him his voice is rough with desire even now what I want is important and if I say no he'll stop immediately I know I don't want such nonsenseI'll start kissing him in replymy hand will wander over his body()


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