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I've been waiting for today since the beginning of the exam period I finally have my final exam and I can go to Lake Balaton tomorrow after my girlfriends The Three Graces (as my mother calls us) spend a week at the Hungarian Sea One of us is a major in German at the University and the second girl is on Lia Italian and I was building a camp for French majors I met these two girls at freshman year and we've been best friends for the past two years We're working together we study together we go out together and we even work as a hostess at the same job
So we decided to go down to Lake Balaton for a week Luckily the Ági family has a summer house by the lake and her parents let us use it My parents have a liquor store so we could get the booze cheaper which my parents gave us under " support" So it was all part of an unforgettable summer experience I just didn't think it would be more unforgettable for me
My friends went down to Lake Balaton a day early because they had less exams and said they were cleaning up the cabin while I was sweating on the exam They took the booze down with them so I wouldn't have to carry it down by myself because I'm kind of short with my own 5 '4" So all I had to do was bring my own stuff down which luckily wasn't much because I was planning on wearing a lot of bikinis on the beach
So after my exam I quickly packed up my food for the trip and went to bed because my train left the next morning at 4: 30 I bought a ticket on a direct train so you wouldn't have to deal with the transfer but the price of that was that the flight lasted eight hours The morning came quickly and I admit it was a little hard to get up But this morning it was a lot cooler than I had planned so I couldn't wear my light summer white dress So I quickly dug out a warm-up from the bottom of the cupboard to wear a comfortable dress and on the long journey I folded my clothes into my backpack The interesting thing is I don't wear underwear like no one in my family does So without panties and bras I just went to the station in a warm-up underwear with a traveling bag and a backpack Out there he was a mess but luckily it wasn't raining I was just hoping it wouldn't be such a lousy time all day even though it's good for traveling
My train was a good half-hour late and I didn't even think about how much delay it would be by the end of the road Luckily I found an empty cabin and settled in quickly I got comfortable (if I can get settled in these thousand-year Sessions) and started reading a book I just bought and I was just hoping that if someone sat next to me it wouldn't be some perverted jackass The train took a long time to get started The first hour of the journey was uneventful except that the train had already stopped at Twelve Stops At the second stop two gypsy women sat next to me but they got off a few stops later and I was alone again in the cabin The train kept going and two guys got up at one of the stops and asked if they could sit next to me
- Come on calm down - I told you and I pulled myself together so you could put your suitcases on the trunk
- I'm Peti by the way - said the tall blond guy
- My Name Is Tomi - said the other guy He was shorter but he was as blond and athletic as the other one
- I'm Laura I'm glad Are you brothers? - I lost the question
- Yeah - yeah Is it that obvious? - Tom replied with a smile
After the introduction we started talking about who goes where and why they go where they go to school where they work So these traditional dating themes came up I found out that they won't be my traveling companions all the way either because they're only visiting their grandmother until the plague By the way they both went to college and studied engineering When the general topics were exhausted we began to turn to more personal topics Dress dress or not wear (as I became aware that I did not wear panties or bras) Turns out none of us have a match It came up to see what kind of girl/guy you like Turns out Peti and Tommy are into short long-haired girls who aren't skinny but they're not fat Suddenly I couldn't decide if they were telling the truth or if they were just trying to compliment me because that description fits me pretty well When it came to me I decided to give my honest opinion independently
- Actually I like short guys who aren't hamsters but they don't roll So they're pretty much like Tommy - Tommy's eyes flashed when I winked at him with a smile As a matter of fact I could have imagined a little more than just talking to him()


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