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The good weather had just begun and my cousin and I had already invaded the sand island of Gödi the Danube At first there were hardly any of them not trusting the sun and the rumor that it was time to take a bath Although the first moment we hit it I too searched the icebergs in disbelief The water must have been half an inch cold and all that was left of heroism was heroism But then more people started coming to the beach and thanks to the wind and a self-conscious Frisbee I met Timi half-knocked out after we pulled him out of the water and in a series of apologies we felt sorry for the mean puck Lucky for me he forgave me and then he got into the game And then every day I'd meet him and I'd go to the beach in fear just in case he wasn't down today
But luckily my fears never proved their worth and we sat on the beach all night talking I was first struck by her beauty not ostentatious but simply of course beautiful She had reddish hair up to her shoulder warm brown eyes always smiling and we understood each other very well And then after the first date I was sure it wasn't just friendship
We once swam together in the cold cold water when he whispered to us to go up to the end of the island there's no one there we can be alone Then he kissed me on the lips which he had never done before and then swam up I was surprised to find out and I hooked it up
We swam up to the top of the island I washed myself on my back with the current while the water softened me up beside Timi With my eyes closed I enjoyed the sunshine and listened to my heart beat loudly Then a shadow covered the Sun I opened my eyes
She knelt above me with a half-smile at the corner of her mouth and the sun in her eyes I'm amazed at her again as I've always admired how beautiful she is Then he bent down kissed me sensuously I enjoyed it with my eyes closed while my hands were looking for the strap of her bra and a moment later her wings were free in the wind She lifted up from my face and after a few quick moves her bra was on the beach rocks He looked at me a little afraid of what I thought of him but he could only read the amazement of my face Her two perky shapely breasts proudly defied gravity For a few moments I stared at him with a compulsion wishing to suck in every contour of his body with my eyes and then as far as I could sit up my face on the same level as his breasts
First I kissed the left then I pampered the nipples a little I slowly ran around with my tongue and then I carefully considered it and a faint sigh acknowledged my activity encouraging the continuation so I eagerly moved to the right side In just a few moments both of their nipples were sharpened rising with sigh sinking Then Timi slowly started down His tongue ran down my belly and settled down my pants I leaned against the cool stone lay with my eyes closed as I felt two velvety hands slowly undress me and then pamper me Slowly carefully ran his tongue through the side and then passed a few laps around the top He did it with an incredible sense and my heart moved from my throat to my groin as I felt at a rapid pace He noticed that too because he was slowing down even more and he went a little lower and then back to my Acorn
When I started to feel it again I couldn't take it anymore so I carefully pulled it on myself kissed it on the lips for a long time one turn and I was lying on it In his eyes a mixture of Wonder and joyful longing glistened his lips heated with desire Then I followed his example and I went down though with longer detours than he did having his breasts circled my tongue circled a few circles around them stuck in his navel gently caressing it and then strolling along his inner thigh walking around his panties which were rapidly drying out of the water but his desire made up for the lack of moisture
Then I carefully stripped him of the last piece of the green bikini and he wandered over the bra to the stone melancholy exile()


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