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The boy climbed out of the pool He was a little tired after 40 lengths even though he wasn't swimming at race speed But 2000 meters is still 2000 meters He had three or four times his daily dose and some of it had to be done at full speed and speed Even though he made a lot of mistakes his coach had a fight with him about it enough
 You'll never be a serious racer if you take your training lightly
For a while he just listened to the scolding and then he worked harder for a few days And even though he was the best of the others he didn't have outstanding results A few county championships but only second and third places three at Nationals and one time he managed to win a bronze medal at 800 metres but mostly in the middle and the second half of the field After another knock-down when he came third in the county by inches again he got bored and broke out
"Look master" he said to the coach " it's very nice that you want to make me a big shot" But I'm not interested in being a top athlete I can do it five six eight ten years at best And then what? Show me one former athlete including really Goodfellas Olympic and world champions who makes a living being a top athlete Okay there's some big old people who get some moan-fee supplements And who's not big old just little old? And who's not a moaner? They had to make a living And who hasn't turned into a little old man has not turned into an old man? I don't want to talk about how many athletes turned into wrecks how many didn't make it to 40 Not just the Hungarians in general Okay well it's not as common among swimmers as in some other sports But let's say I do make it to the international level Let's say I get enough of it to last a few years If I get it together because swimming is not one of the best-paid sports anywhere I'll still have to earn a living I'm in high school now And then I'm definitely going to college Which is five years old But if I invest my time and energy in swimming I'll do it in seven or eight years I'm gonna be down two or three years if not more by the time I start that course and I'm never gonna be able to bring it in You can't be a coach for all the old-timers And if I'm even competing with a degree in my pocket then I'll be even more at a disadvantage because I'll forget half of what I've learned and the other half will be obsolete by then
- Then why the hell are you doing it if you think so?
- Because I love to swim coach
He really loved swimming he still loves swimming He just never liked to race He was almost happy when coach ended the conversation
- Then swim son on the beach Now I want you to turn in your union stuff in the supply closet your pass in the clubhouse and get the hell out of here You used to get paid to swim now you pay if you want to swim
Actually he didn't mind He never wanted to be a racerhe was talked into it He learned how to swim when he was nine and then when he went to fifth grade and he got his school's mandatory swimming lessons they "discovered" him and told his parents what a great future he had But interestingly his parents didn't mind being thrown out of the club after five years; they probably realized he wasn't cut out for racing They paid his swimming-pool rent without a word while he was studying and he took advantage of it: he swam yours every day now for his own pleasure He started at 4000 meters and every year he left a hundred of them; the last year of college and 200 a year since then Now it's at 2000 a day leaving four lengths again in the fall and then when it reaches the thousand a day it stops there won't go any lower for a long time
He thought through all this in the 30 seconds (several times) he got out of the pool and walked to his stuff He got a little dry and then he rolled over the deck chair Meanwhile he couldn't help but notice that she was still pulling the strings Funny he was already in the pool when he dropped by He wasn't watching her while she was swimming but he was sure she didn't stop didn't stop didn't stop didn't go out of the pool He couldn't help but notice She swam at a slow calm pace after every two lengths: quick-breast-quick-breast No racer never was concluded the boy after a while He swims way too nicely way too regular Anyone who's ever been in a race for a short period of time will never swim fully as described in the books You breathe a little differently maybe you have different hands or feet there's a little difference in foot speed especially when you're swimming fast They're less noticeable on the chest
You watched him for a while then he stopped took out his book started reading At times she looked up and she ran the length unyielding()


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