Straight Marines Buddies Hang Out Naked

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I was 1 in 1995
New tenants moved in next door We had a good relationship early on Stephen and Mary settled in quickly They were over 40 and living in a partnership We used to go over to their house to play cardswe had a lot of stuff going on Mary told me all about her old man adventures and how active they are now
Stephen soon became a disabled pensioner He got bored started drinking We didn't like going over there anymore I went to college and I only went home for the weekend Things got worse next door Disabled pension was scarce uncle Sanyi's drinking was passed on to Mary Mom and dad avoided them because they borrowed money and didn't return it and I rarely met them I used to go out and get girls
I didn't have a problem with the neighbors because I rarely saw them Mary had been drinking but she was still a badass Big talker and cool
After I got out of school I was looking for a job And a girlfriend too because I've always been short of that
I used to come home at night after work I sat out in front of the House swinging Mary came down with the dog we talked a lot He always gave me advice about getting laid
And then pretty soon I started to realize how shitty they are financially Stephen never left the apartmenthe just brought back the booze Mary's been drinking He used to talk with a big mouth about who and when and where he slept when he was younger We talked about sex a lot I told him it was easy for him because Stephen is a fixed thing for him He said it stopped working a long time ago
At first I gave him a couple of thousand forints but it was becoming a regular thing
When we were sitting down and he asked for money again I said it was good but I'm starting to ask for something We laughed and I gave you money
And then last night I started thinking about it I haven't had a girlfriend in almost six months
Mary was not a beautiful woman She's got thin tiny breasts and I can't say she's pretty It may have been once but it's far from what you'd call it
The next time you came I mentioned again that I should be getting something in return He laughed and said what he could give me because he's asking now
I told you it was something she needed and so did I I'll give you money if you satisfy me He got angry and left And I was scared he was gonna tell my mom
I've been thinking all night about what to say if he really talks
The next night I'm out in the yard by the swing and he comes down with the dog
He came straight there
He sat next to me And I just stared at him and I didn't know if he was gonna come at me or what
- I need a thousand forints because I can't buy breakfast tomorrow  what you said yesterday what were you thinking?
- I don't know I didn't really make it upit just came to me
- What do you think? Here? By hand?
- I don't know It's getting dark and no one comes here
He grabbed my dick through my pants I was a little scared because I didn't think this was gonna happen Mary caressed me but she didn't look I unbuttoned my pants after a few strokes
He put his hands on my dick very carefully
"It's been a long time" he said He sounded a little nervous
The way he caressed me he'd look at it from time to time I was embarrassed too I didn't dare say anything Awkward silence caressing the tail
When I was hard as a rock he turned
- Is it enough by hand?
"That's fine with me" I said in confusion
- I've never fully shaved before
He started pulling her gently It didn't take much I came His hands his clothes and my clothes were covered in semen He wiped me clean but it was serious the whole time
I gave him the money and he left Before that he asked me not to tell anyone
I got home early the next day Mary was at our house asking Mommy for sugar but she stayed to talk When I got home he said hello and he said to my mom that I'd grown up and laughed I'm telling you he must have been drinking
Around 10: 00 pm I was sitting on the swing again when it came down I wanted to go up fast but he saw me and he came towards me I was embarrassed but to my surprise he laughed
- What's up big guy? Did you sleep well?
- Well Yep
- May I sit down?
- Yeah sure
You could see he was drinking He was very excited
- She's not an old lady is she? - and he laughed
- It was really good but I was kind of nervous so I couldn't just focus on the fun
- That's nothing "I didn't come" said he laughing softly " and you sprayed all over my clothes and hands
He leaned over and whispered:
- I left it on my hand all night
I was just watching
- Do you know how long it's been? I haven't touched a dick in over two years Stephen said 7: 30 and I'm gonna do it my way from there because he doesn't want to hear about it Luckily you're here now
- Me?
- Yeah - yeah I get money I get sex
- Well I don't have that much money


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