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I want to tell you an interesting story that happened to me when I was 20 In our town every summer the events of St Ivan's night are a festival-themed holiday That's when this happened to me I went out to the event with my friends around 6: 00 pm and we went out for a beer real quick Since I didn't have a girlfriend at the time after a while we started looking at girls and discussing them At the table next to the beer tent three girls aged 16-17 were watching us laughing Of course they really liked the way they heard us analyze women's looks When it came to them they blushed and turned their heads down but you could see that they were almost crazy with curiosity about how I appreciated them with my then-drunk friends My friend Endre said:
- They're good girlsthey just need a couple more pigs to kill
- These? No you don't - I told you-they know what they're talking about
They smiled and started whispering and laughing and we stopped paying attention to them I decided to go behind the tent and relieve myself I was pulling up behind the bushes when I heard the girls come laughing stumbling in the dark Of course they saw me right away and they came towards me
 I thought to myself
The girls stopped in front of me and they laughed and watched me do my job
 So you don't think we need to kill pigs anymore do you? - they asked
- I don't know how you guys feel - I answered
Then one of them came towards me a tall thin girl with small breasts At first I was embarrassed of course I stopped peeing immediately and he didn't say anything to me and he glided his mouth all over my dick I can't tell you how I felt at the time He probably surprised his friends by doing so because they stopped immediately and watched silently as their friend at increasing speed and enjoyed putting my prancing dick in his mouth
- Judith what are you doing? "he asked the younger - looking" Mom and dad will find out it's gonna be a real mess"
That's when I realized it was the Tall One and the younger peeping brothers Of course it made me more excited I thought my dick would pop Then she took my dick out of her mouth and called her sister:
- Edith don't talk nonsense come here we'll make you a big girl - I thought I couldn't hear you I wanted to yell " Yes Edith come on you're gonna be a big girl"
She approached me shyly looking at their third girlfriend who with glassy eyes gazed at my cock which was about to fall Meanwhile seeing my confusion her sister stood up looked me in the eye and began to undress slowly For a while I tried to look him in the eye but the sight drew my eyes She was wearing a white top gently pulled down from both shoulders and then pushed it all the way down to her waist and I saw her small but shapely breasts that ended up in nipples that were sticking out of the sky Seeing his excitement I was ready to fight His White iliac pants were strained and he came out of it gently and underneath it was a beautiful white thong with lace that he had left on Meanwhile his sister arrived who watched her sister play with me with a frightened eye When he came to us he turned to his sister and put her on her knees There was a couple of brothers kneeling before me an older member in a white thong who was going to teach his sister how to suck it I couldn't help myself I looked with my eyes for the third girl who came closer but did not dare to join the fancy team
- Slowly first just lick the acorn with the tip of your tongue but don't put it all in your mouth - she taught Judi her sister I could feel the insecure little tongue first touching the tip of my dick and then gently pushing it around
- No not so fast - her teacher warned her sister - Can you taste it? Isn't it magnificent? - he asked the younger one The little girl was getting more and more confident handling the tool getting better at it and in the end she almost drowned letting my otherwise small penis down her throat Meanwhile her sister stood up and kissed me I may have been a little timid about touching her breasts and they were beautiful little tight tits and I felt I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and she probably realized that from my loud wheezing Then he leaned down for his sister and slowly began undressing her as she kept looking at my face He took off his black T-shirt and black bra and then pulled up his little mid-thigh jeans skirt He was wearing a white thong but he didn't take it off She banged her sister gently pulled her panties aside and slowly very slowly licked her own sister's pussy At that point I couldn't help myself so I started masturbating to the view and I got closer()


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