Straight boys gone gay

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The woman Her name is Viki You can't ignore him She's such a stubborn arrogant insolent foolish devious little understanding kind caring loving afraid and afraid a hundred-Life ice flowers floating in a beautiful flame If I could look at the whole mess that I could call my life and watch he'd be the angel
Alexander I think he's the demon Longcoats leather gloves Pale Moon child's face with a half-smile that makes the cold run on your back Green eyes They're freezing and they're scavenging through the kidneys
Tom In the movies guys like that get hit with something heavy polygonal I don't know why I don't now
The first time I woke up and he was pressing a revolver on my face I remember the next day torturing me I didn't want anything in the world any less than to sit up knowing that the change in the state makes the juice in my head spin again and the centrifuge startszakattzakatt
- Shut the fuck up - he hissed in half Why do you want to stick this iron pipe up my nose? It doesn't fit
- Shut the fuck up - he's repeating himself Looking at the red forehead of a dew bath I thought "you can't stop me"screaming and jumping into a well
- Tom "there was a calm trembling woman's voice behind him and with agony I was able to focus it there" - Listen to me Now Look at me look at me
The bending girl He's a professional he can tie a whimsical animal like the stable boy I wanted to tell her right away that she was the second woman I'd seen naked up close and then in the noise of the centrifuge I just heard the alarm beep and changed my mind
We climbed out the window out the back and I had this eerie feeling like the day before in the bedroom door The fresh air was good for my fear of death and I couldn't help but notice that Tom the will of God was just a hair away from giving me a warning shot to the back of the head for finding me in that bed
- You're gonna regret this you little cocksucker - he was pissed off like he wasn't pissed enough as it is Since then I've learned to read it to get used to my voice eat apples to see the family member in me
I don't remember the brand of the carhe drove it like a lunatic The sodium-yellow lights of the city turned dark behind us over time and we ran silent unclouded immersed in our pregnant thoughts The teacher breathing beside me struggled with the feeling of panic and in the cold seat she put her arms around her legs and shuddered I was cold too And I felt sorry for him And I liked it I should have put my arms around him but when I look back he'll bite me
The monotonous glide and the cold air from the poorly closing window cooled Tom below 40 degrees and I saw that now he did not want to form an eight from the steering wheel he was satisfied if the undershirt was sometimes not in his teeth and the pace could be done in less than 120 Then as he remembered he was in charge of a number of valuables other than my loss and suddenly slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road
- Nowwhat the fuck do we do now? - he turned back to her with fresh rinsed eyes
- You're asking me that aren't you? - Vicki's tears are coming out of her eyes - What the hell were you thinking?and this  he's poking at me Problem Number Two after the gun
- I didI was just afraid for you - he's holding her hand She's not pulling away - And I didn't want to be added to it Then I found it in your bed - he's turning towards me-you son of a bitch
- Are you crazy? - snapped simultaneously in the back row
I tried for a while to scold Tom but they'd known each other longer so I became the honored subject of swearing It seemed likely that if my eager kin found out we were missing his family would be taken out first With the tone in which Vorone tasted the word "smooth" I didn't expect it to do much good I didn't mean for this to happen I don't need to ride
- You have to take me back now - I snapped at Tom For a heartbeat he took a turn turned to obedience and remembered whose role it was - Shut the fuck up You see that? This one? If you blink one more time
The promise was interrupted by a lamp light car lights right behind us The late summer air has gone below freezing
Foreign language
Door slam
I reached to the doorknob with hesitation knowing that it would be better for me to say hello than for them to say hello and then I stopped from feeling nauseous I had to eavesdrop
 I don't know"And then a metallic click so distinctive I didn't believe it at first and then I looked at her and I believed it from her eyes
We both fell at the same time and the mechanical crackling tore the world apart above us and the sponge lining of a tattered seat was dusted with dust and there were fragments everywhere
My finger was clenched by a hand or I was clenching his the moment frozen into the clock with one breath()


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