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21-century decemeron or
Light at the end of the tunnel
"This day begins Well" I said sulkly as I walked into the bath half asleep barefoot with the bitter taste of a deep sleepless night in my mouth and managed to kick it on the thresholdAfter I started to live after the shower I closed the blinds and I saw the sequel was no different Grey heavy clouds in the sky sleet of rain drifted down on people who were hurrying to work
I'm almost 40 behind me knowing all the joy and sorrow of a 15-year marriage We don't live badly on 12 or so like a few hundred people who live on the same street with us a wife a child a house car and an endless line of mundanes I too was rather morose in preparing myself for the daily tribulations of my rather poorly prosperous financial investments the bureaucratic mess of offices
As I cut through the square with my head down a fish said hello and my ears rang
- Hey - hey - I grabbed my head and looked around and saw Zsuzsi We used to work together but I haven't seen him in almost ten years She was a small petite woman with brown curly hair and dreamy button-black eyes Green's large cloth coat was cold-pressed and his angular features were highlighted by a few little wrinkles and his brown hair was glistened with drizzle We started talking and we were getting warmed upit's been a long time since we've seen each other and had something to talk about We stood from one foot to the next while faceless people were passing us by and next thing I knew I was inviting him to a corner espresso We had a coffee and coke for about an hour and suddenly the conversation got stuck We looked into each other's eyes and his hands involuntarily moved toward his coat I offered to take him homeI'm parked right over there don't get wet in the rain He said yes rather quickly In the car we didn't speak to each other each of us was occupied with our own thoughts the silence was only broken by the soft friction of the wipers and the squeak of the index
We have arrived at a large grey housing estate one of the "trees"of the forest of identical houses
He looked at me through the tunnel of his black eyes and spoke softly
Are you coming up?  He wasn't looking for a reasonhe was just looking at the doorknob I had a stomachache I didn't even think about itI was secretly hoping I got out without saying anything and I followed him to the stairwell Second floor quite a lot of floor-plan apartments modestly but tastefully furnished I found myself at home almost immediately and we seem to have the same taste
He locked the door he turned around and hit me She stood on her tiptoes and she put her arm around my neck and I'm not a single room I could still feel the coffee thing on his lipsit was a long intimate kiss Our tongues have been searching through each other's mouths the warm sweet saliva has given me a huge erection which I have enthusiastically pressed against his stomach We pushed each other out of breath suddenly feeling too fast We looked at each other confused and went into the room Drink "anticonvulsant" ran well into my stomach causing a pleasant warmth providing peace of mind The children (two) in the school husband works in his afternoon he still has plenty of time After a few minutes of talking he apologised and rushed off to the bathroom My belt was loosened and I looked around comfortably After a few minutes of motoska and water the door opened and came in
ZSUZSI He stood staring at the door while I sat up with my head held high
Where did that gray mouse go who a few minutes ago went to pee in those worn jeans (which were still nicely rounded where it needed to be) and went to pee in a sweater? She was naked on her waist with a red-patterned towel but it made the room light up As she stood there confused this little Globo Gym lady was driving me crazy I came up to her hoping she'd look up and we'd hug We used to work each other out while his mouth would glide between my eyes and ears and he'd wander around with a bright line of saliva
I picked it up and put it on the bed I knelt down on the carpet while he lay still and gently spread his labia The light of the night-light was shining between her pale brown inner lips with white mucus glistening her clitoris bulging like a little penis rising out of the meat pile I put it in my mouth and I smoked it soft while its fluids were smeared on my chin After a couple of licks down I migrated down licked the folds and then I got into the broad vagina with my tongue I mean after the two kids it's not that tight pussy anymore but it's the way I'm excited about it I could immerse myself in it savor it and with my tongue stiffened I began to fuck its hole and my teeth were pounding its clitoris which he gave me with Grateful little screams After a few minutes my tongue was tired and I began to kiss him again with a face smeared with moisture He lifted his hip so he pushed his pubic thigh towards me I grabbed his buttocks and pulled them apart and saw his wrinkled little girl's pink anus()


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