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That day just like the other days I was in a hurry to get ready because I have a bad habit of falling asleep Most of all if I'm going to an event I'm already sipping my daily energy coffee in the middle of the morning Running to take a shower then wearing something sexy but not ostentatious and the inevitable makeup The phone rings I'm running so I don't miss an important call An unknown voice comes in and in a pleasantly ringing voice says:
- Why did I have to want you every minute you're in my head and I'm trying to see what it's like to be able to snuggle up to your naked body - then the phone goes down
All my thoughts were completely out of my head and I wondered who that person might have been I start to think and run to the car look at my watch and I can safely say " yes I'll be on my way in time and everything will be fine" On the radio there's a nice yet exhilarating music My upper body picks up the beat and I remember again the sound of My Little Stranger My thoughts were wrapped around me and I wanted to find out who it was I got to the office the trial was just starting so I was on time In the middle of the chief's monologue the new guy who's recently been vetted by our company because he must be a great asset to us I've met him a few times but he didn't move me so I ignored him like a man He apologizes politely for being late and sits down on some family thing As I watched the birds I noticed how familiar this pleasant sound was I wonder if it was Michael who called me
Your voice gave me the same longing sensual effect as my secret caller Then all of a sudden I think he's only been working here a week so it couldn't have been him End of discussion we've all received further instructions Sitting in my office all I could think about was Michael His office was across the street from me which I hadn't even noticed yet I couldn't stop thinking about it so I buried myself in work I loved what I was doing It's rare in today's world There's a knock on the door and I'm going to scream out from behind the monitor and ask you to come It was Michael the boss sent me to help him with the project because I was in contact with the company before She sat down in front of me and we started talking Yeah maybe it was him His voice was ringing in my ears the whole time
It was lunchtime and he asked me politely if I wanted to go with him so we could get to know each other a little better Of course I agreed While I was trying to get into my jacketI looked at Michael Typical pretty boy Tall muscular deltoid upper body nice-shaven face every hair on his head was looking the way it was supposed to be Her little smiles were a happy little moment I found myself thinking of him as a man We had a great time at lunch and kello was very comfortable that it was Friday that the week was over that the rest was earned I wasn't planning on going to my parents ' for the weekend but I didn't feel like driving that much let alone Michael told me you and your friends were doing rafting It was a very difficult day to end At the end of the day he realized that Michael had looked through my office many times and every time we got caught up in each other he would send us an accomplice smile
I couldn't wait to get home and take a nice cozy bath with a nice glass of wine I used to love these ritualsI used to relax and drink in the glass and enjoy the silence There was a rattle that disturbed my intoxication so I got out of my perfumed bathrobe as I had been and wetly put on my silk robe and headed towards the telephone I was surprised to see that my phone wasn't ringing but someone was at the door ringing the bell Forgetting what I was wearing I opened the door and presented myself with a large bouquet of red and white roses with a rare and to my knowledge quite expensive wine and behind it was Michael smiling After assessing the attire he blushed like a boy and apologized for coming at a bad time I apologize to no and I thought that better not have come In the apartment the light from the bath was a pleasant smell and a pleasant light and the desire was only increased by the music whispering softly in the background
Michael discovered my evening program in the bathroom and seeing that he was interrupting me while I was taking a bath he offered to open the wine so I could dive back in and enjoy myself I was comfortable in the tub when this divine guy showed up at the door with a massage oil and two glasses in his hand All of a sudden I started thinking about what I was doing()


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