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It's so incredible to be with you I just can't put into words what I'm feeling I'm just standing in front of you and I feel really happy :)
I'm gonna lean over to you gently and kiss you At first gently and then as we get more and more excited we kiss bite each other's lips It's so good to be kissing you and I'm starting to feel like I'm definitely interested in you You seem to feel it too because one hand slips between us and starts caressing my pants
With this encouragement my hand will move forward to your stomach and I will slide it up under your shirt I get under your bra and I start caressing your breasts and you start kissing me wild When your hand slips into my pants I can't help myself and I help you take your shirt off while you take my shirt off
I can't help myself I really wanted to do this so after your shirt I'm gonna start taking your pants off I'm gonna unbutton it and I'm gonna start pushing it down and you're not gonna miss me either so we're all gonna be out of our superfluous pants at the same time so all you've got left is your bra and panties and all I've got left is a pair of really tight boxer shorts I'm gonna rub your waist and then I'm gonna rub your back the whole time and I'm gonna take your bra off and I'm gonna pull it off and I'm gonna throw myself on your tits I pet' em I work 'em I suck' em I bite ' em and I enjoy watching you moan and moan and caress my dick
I can't take it anymore and I'm trying to control you so you can understand what I want more than anything I'll put your head down gently you'll understand soon enough and you'll kneel before me You start kissing my belly and then you kiss my dick through my boxer shorts and then you grab the edge of my boxer shorts with your teeth and you pull it off so my dick can jump freeAt first you just gently stroke it bring it up and down and then you start to tease me with delicious licks You lick it all the way down lick my acorn and it drives me crazy When you put me in your mouth I moan up loud it feels so good to be surrounded by your lips You slide my stiff dick in and out of your mouth holding your hand on my butt dictating the tempo while you're looking at me it's driving me crazy
And then I put my hand on your head and I start to control the tempo not just your head but my hips as I push myself deeper into your mouth I feel like I can't take much more but I know you don't want to In a few minutes you'll feel me tense and throbbing in your mouth You swallow it and then you lick my dick gently
I'm gonna lie down on the bed and I'm gonna pull you over to my chest let you feel the beating of my heart
After a few minutes of rest I can move again so now I'm gonna start spoiling you I'm gonna get over you and I'm gonna kiss your mouth and then I'm gonna go down gently I kiss your ear kiss your neck bite it gentlythen lower your breasts I hold them tight kiss them suck them gently bite them
And then I go down with the kisses and I'm at your belly but I'm not stopping I'm kissing your coms and I'm licking you through your panties and then I'm kissing you As I pull down I lick the exposed areas but I don't touch your clitoris I'll lick it all around lick the inside of your thighs gently blow on it but I won't touch you I'll let you suffer
When you're really wiggling your hips all of a sudden I'm sucking deep into you and with my tongue I'm flicking your clitoris sucking it and I can hear you moan up loud
While I'm pampering your clitoris I'm gently sliding a finger into you slowly pulling it in and out of you caressing you but I feel like I'm stiff too so I decide I want to be inside you
I'm gonna get on my knees turn you over and I'm gonna put you on your hands and knees and then I'm gonna get behind you I'm gonna put my dick in your pussy but I'm not gonna get inside you I'm gonna caress you I'm gonna caress your clitoris I'm gonna keep coming Then I'm gonna go in there just a little bit and then I'm gonna pull myself out again I'm gonna do this a few more times no matter how hard you try()


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