Sleazy basement pounding!

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It happened to me a few weeks ago I ran into an old colleague in town You have to know that in the past while we were working together we used to hit on each other a few times Sometimes a little caress sometimes deep faces sometimes smoothing each other's butts as we passed each other So he wasn't indifferent to me at all And if my gut's right I wasn't to her either Sometimes when I forced her out she'd give me a photo or two of her in a very casual way I've been looking at her on the phone for weeks and every time I saw her I'd imagine her naked and what sex would be like with her
So we ran into each other I had business in your city We set up a meeting to relive the good old days We talked until I finally missed my last train home I also asked him if he knew of any accommodation in the city where I could stay But all he asked was
- Why don't you come back to my place? There's plenty of room
He didn't have a partner back then He lived alone in a small nicely furnished apartment So I accepted his offer Of course in his apartment we enjoyed each other's company with a bottle of fine white wine We talked about almost everything Old memories old photos He blushed into some of them And of course we talked about why we didn't get together before Of course we were silent
I asked him where the bathroom was I wanted to wash the dust off of the city all day I don't like going to bed without it He showed me where to find him The beautiful wall of the bathroom with small tiles gave him a very exclusive look It was a giant shower cabin with no doors also with mosaics I locked the door and started to let the hot water in Then I noticed that he was going into the bathroom Of course I couldn't see it from the shower room but since it was just the two of us in the apartment it was obvious who came in Next thing I know she's standing in front of me naked and asking if she can join me  - I thought to myself I stared at him for a long time as he entered the hot water Shapely tits beautiful big legs mind-blowing long legs fine shaved pussy and a butt that can bounce any bullet off of it I thought to myself and later I asked if you'd help me wash it Of course he let me do it I put a little shower gel in the palm of my hand I put my back to myself and I gently began to wash First the shoulder and the arm Every once in a while my hand got to her tits but she just touched my finger Then his back came up She was beautiful He had a figure that would make some of the aerobics coaches envy him There wasn't a single ounce of surplus on it She was just beautiful Behind the back came the waist and the butt Of course I've spent a little more time here I caressed her tight buttocks with delicate little circular movements Sometimes my fingers deliberately wandered into her pussy and her answer was a faint moan and a tremor I caressed her long thighs all the way to her ankles I wanted to enjoy every moment and every part of my body
Then I got up again I held her close to me He was still facing back You must have felt me hard enough I couldn't hide it of course I put my arms around her and started caressing her breasts It was incredible It didn't look like anything Nice tight tits They fit right in my hand Her nipples were already lustful It was clear that he was very upset too My hand reached its Venusian Hills gently through its belly Ahh it's like I don't know I hit a hot furnace It was so hot and hot I smoothed it gently but deep Pretty deep I pulled my middle finger for the last time so I could feel it more Then I repeated the move several times in a row I couldn't help myself much longer And then he took my hand
- Now it's my turn - he whispered it sensuously in my ear He turned me over and soapered his hands But it didn't linger on my shoulders or my chest for long In the blink of an eye it was on my hard-hitting penis He caressed her soiled her wherever he could get her He pulled up the skin and washed it while he was doing it I almost left here if you'd just kept going But what came next was nothing He quickly washed the soap off and knelt down in front of me There was a little footstool in the shower cabin he sat me on spread my legs and knelt close to me He took my steely penis in his hand and put it in his mouth He licked her as gently as anyone's ever sucked before And he was dragging it around And then a few times deep down almost to the root he took it out of his mouth It was incredible I'm still shuddering I told him to be careful because I'll be right back but he just wouldn't stop He sucked even harder He felt that I was trembling with lust and soon the final result arrived I was all over his mouth But he didn't care He kept pulling trying to suck it out to the last drop He licked it he grabbed it hard He was unconscious


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