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I remember the events of that night in July as if it were only yesterday
Thanks to my sister and her husband brother-in-law's long business trips they were practically separated and for some time I was forced to help her with the hard work around the House Most of the time I went over to his place on Friday and depending on the amount of work I usually got home Saturday afternoon or evening The house was far away (more than 70 miles from the city) but it lay in a fine place and was perfectly suited to retreat and the rest of the week's office robot At the time my personal life was in shambles so there was no one to object to the long absences
I had already spent three weekends on the schedule described above when something happened on the fourth floor that changed everything forever
That day thanks to a traffic stop and a nagging cop I got to the front of their house pretty late at about 7: 30 and I took a turn into the courtyard and waved my hand to my sister at the door Our usual greeting was usually a hug and a kiss on the face but to my greatest surprise he leaned over and kissed me on the lips When we split up I got a very upset look at him because he laughed loudly and said:
- Look who's shy tonight
I felt myself Red:
- It just came out of the blue that's all- I stutter
- I don't know Do you find it so strange for a nurse to kiss her brother?
I had neither the strength nor the desire to argue with him so I shrugged my shoulders and went into the house where dinner was waiting on the table After eating we sat on the sofa and watched TV for a while while the heat from the outside made us both drink cold Heineken At ten o'clock I began to feel the combined effect of warmth and alcohol which my sister might have had for she suddenly leaned forward and kissed me again on the lips more passionately than she did on my arrival I was surprised again but since the beer was relaxing I returned the kiss I was just about to get started and all of a sudden he opened up from my embrace got up off the couch and stopped in front of me As I watched her rise above me I realized that for the first time in my life I saw her as a woman and that I couldn't deny how much I liked what I saw
He was wearing tight jeans and a short white T-shirt that started somewhere above his navel These pieces of clothing which lay on the body were pleasantly raised with its curved full breasts and the really toothed shapely buttocks and the skin was a little white to my taste but compensated for it by its long back-to-back dark brown hair
Nine years apart I was 23 he was 32
He spoke in a strange hoarse voice:
You seem really surprised by the kisses honey do you think there's any chance I could surprise you with anything else today?
By this time things had gone too far for me to be able to back out
- I can handle surprises like that By the way try me see if you can pull it off
He smiled took a step back and began to come out of his shirt with carefully orchestrated movements He didn't seem to be in much of a hurry but by the time I realized what was happening he was standing in jeans and a white lace bra He reached back and turned this off and then dropped it on the floor next to the T-shirt and then he leaned forward a little bit and gently shook his upper body towards me It was a wonderful sight the movement made her breasts seem to have come to life on their own
- Well how about them?- he whispered
What could I say I sat there for a moment in silence and I thought "Why not?"and I stood up to finally touch these two released natural wonders I slowly smoothed over the soft white skin passed a little time apart on the nipples and then I held it in my hand and gently began to work out both springy piles
My sister tightened her waist and her upper body pressed into my hand and moaned softly she spoke in a trembling voice:
You know I haven't been with a man in a while
- Oh so that's what you call brother-in-law?- I wasn't trying to hide the sarcasm in the voice When I answered him he smiled gently She knew I never liked her husband very much
- Jesus baby you're doing great "he whispered in my ear" I bet you have something else in store for me too
My surprise was throbbing in my pants eager to be rescued from his prison My sister slowly got down on her knees unzipped my fly and then pushed my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles in one firm motion My dick sprang out of the lock-up like it's a spring


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