Se aproveitando do Primo


The sun was bright When Leticia sat down at the base of a bush and took out her sketchbook He looked down the familiar hillside and sighed with admiration He was always surprised by the beauty of this landscape He poured some water into his bowl from a canteen and dipped the brush in it He painted blue on his palette and then painted the sky He put down the notebook to dry the paint and watched the environment Up in the sky there were birds flying as you can see wild geese On the road a boy came on a donkey He put on the sketchbook again and he wanted to put a little black in the colors from the tube but it was just a little bit and he didn't have the strength to push it out
- Can I help you? - there was a voice behind his back She turned around and he was standing behind her with the donkey He looked at it with surprise He was a tall broad-shouldered young man about 16 His hair is dark brown half-length curly Under the white shirt his muscles are bulging Leticia just nodded with her head and handed her the tube The boy twisted it and a little paint Strip appeared on the top
- Is that enough?
"Yes" she smiled As he took the Tube his hand easily touched the boy's There was a good thrill running through it
- Can I watch it look a little? - he asked and he blushed slightly
- Are you interested in painting? - Leticia looked at him under his straw hat The boy nodded - Well then sit down on the couch - he offered you a seat next to youAnd the boy settled down and quietly watched her work The land was humid by the afternoon heat and the trees seemed to tremble in the distance Leticia was really trying to catch the Impressionist atmosphere but she felt something was missing The boy watched quietly He felt that he was looking less and less at the birth of the work but that his eyes were wandering to his full bosom Finally he realized he was forcing himself to look elsewhere
"What a beautiful yellow light it is" said the boy
- Oh yes of course "she exclaimed and painted the whole picture in pale yellow
- That's beautiful - the boy exclaimed
'And I owe it to you' she added gratefully to the boy's hand and it shook and looked deeply into his eyes Leticia felt her lap wet She hasn't wanted a man like that in a long timeit almost hurt He closed his eyes and kissed the boy The first one trembling returned the kiss and then holding her over the blanket rolled her over The hat rolled off Leticia's head and her soft red hair fell from under itThe boy groaned from the beautiful sight She took the shirt off the other one in a quick motion and then covered her chest with little kisses He took the boy's nipple and started sucking it That one reached under the baggy blouse and started playing with her nipples Leticia closed her eyes and moaned The boy pulled up the blouse and kissed me in her belly button Meanwhile he reached under the skirt and eagerly grabbed Leticia's panties She exclaimed with pleasure The panties are torn and the boy is now clutching the soft wet hair Leticia gently pushed the boy's head between his legs He looked at her with greedy happy eyes and then buried himself between the legs Leticia suspected she was dealing with an excellent lover but she didn't see it coming The boy's tongue immediately found his most sensitive spot Slowly at almost every point he began to work on it and when little voluptuous screams were coming out of her throat it was only then that he began to accelerate Now he reached into the moistened vagina and with his other hand he was rubbing the breasts A few minutes later Leticia's back was bent and she was enjoying herselfThe boy stood up and threw his clothes off His phallus stood firm in the sky To Leticia's surprise she was once again excited by the sight The boy came up to him and put his penis in his mouth She started working on it clumsily He never liked to put it in his mouth
'Wait not so eager' said the boy holding her head and then controlling her movements He made sure he didn't put his tools too deep down so that she wouldn't drown and that she would lose the rest of her will And that enjoyed it more and more and he realized that it was his own clumsiness and the impatience of his former lovers that made him disliked that kind of Act All of a sudden he reached into his partner's butt and started massaging his prostate Soon he threw his head back and came in his mouth in a deep wheezing voice Leticia was surprised to learn that she liked the taste of the boy's seed They lay next to each other looking at the sky The clouds were slowly flowing in the air The boy took her hand and caressed her with his thumb They lay like this for a quarter of an hour and then the boy lay on his stomach and kissed the woman's lipsHe was heartbroken because he thought the other one wanted to go but soon he realized he didn't The boy reached between his legs again and began to caress his thighs then the labia then the clitoris Leticia's turned on again His legs were open and he reached eagerly for his mistress's cock That was all stiff The boy lay down between his legs and slowly led his tool into it Two or three strokes to the base and then it didn't move Leticia was filled with the big dick and then she was crazy about the rhythmic movement His breath became torn his lips bit
- Fuck off - he was growling and his body started shaking
- No not yet 'It's about time' whispered the other in his ear and When Leticia plunged her nails into his back he finally moved He pulled it out almost completely and then he pushed it back down to the base He moved slowly and she gave herself to the lust with her eyes closed There were little waves in the interior and he came gasping with his head The boy reached under his waist and rolled easily on his back Leticia felt the boy's tool pushing further inside her He grabbed her ass and set the paceSoon they reached the top again but the boy pulled it out and squeezed it away The wife was happy to see that the pleasure would last even longer When he was in it again the boy sat up and went on The pace grew and Leticia was burning from the inside out The boy eagerly lifted it out of his red tail and turned it sideways He got into her and he fucked her with his lustful moans He was looking for his mouth with his mouth Then when Leticia began to wheeze again the boy fell on his back and dragged her with him so he was back in a riding position The boy held her breasts gently and Leticia followed the little instructions with trembling legs He's been waiting for the finger-foam tape His feet were filled with the laugh that came out of his groin and he turned back and forth to see the face of his beloved Finally her lover reached under her buttocks and Leticia understood that she was asking her to get on her hands and knees The boy entered again and moving his butt in circles began to irritate him She was never possessed by pleasure The little waves began again but this time it was not the same as before but first it was the stomach then the breast and then the whole bodyHe was moaning louder and wheezing His knees trembled and he could hardly bear the weight of his mistress Now the boy pulled his tool out and forced it into his butt Leticia was a virgin here and the intrusion was a little painful but she's been wanting that position for a very long time He was surprised how soon the pain had passed and the immense pleasure remained in place From here he reached a point in his body which he had never known existed The blood went to his brain and he heard nothing but drumming in his ears and then he enjoyed so much beauty that he came close to fainting When he came to he heard his beloved's cries from behind and on his butt his queef was filled with the seed of his beloved They didn't know how much sleep they had but it was dusk when the boy awoke to his sweet endearing kiss
- Get Dressed Dear My donkey is gone I must find it - my wife laughed and said:
- That's a good one - and then he rushed into his things The donkey was soon found He was grazing in the woods at the bottom of the Valley They kissed one last time and then the boy asked:
- Are you coming tomorrow?
- I'm going away his head was sad Leticia - maybe next year
- I'll wait for you every day
And the painter went home to her husband and never came back to paint in the Valley again but at night she dreamed of the Donkey Boy


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