The next morning I woke up with a naked body in my back and someone whispering it in my ear:
 Wake up Sleepyhead you've slept enough
I immediately smiled and thought that she wanted to make the most of our short time together every year but it was a little weird because Zsofi must have been awake by now Then I noticed something else and it was that the naked boobs on my back were definitely bigger and tighter and Eve had very small breasts The recognition made me turn very quickly and in my bed naked nestled beside me staring into the smiling face of Zsofi The sight and the situation made my eyes pop out at the same time but first my fear got bigger and then it could get even bigger Zsofi knew what I was thinking right away:
 Don't worry Mom's gone shopping and getting her hair doneshe won't be home in the morning it's just the two of us I know you noticed me watching you last night I watched the whole operation in the room by the way you fucked that old lady pretty hard I've never seen such fun as your first round you've sprayed it all over the place it was incredible How'd you do that? And you want to tell me what else happened in the bathroom? Unfortunately I didn't see that but from what I heard it was even more intense than what you guys did before…
- Stop talking so ugly and stop for a second please First of all what are you doing in my bed naked?
- Are you pretending to be stupid? Why would you have a naked girl in your bed with you in the morning Do you think maybe get a good night's sleep? Well I guess there's a part of you that understands the situation
Since my smarter half had already responded to the situation and stood there among us Zsofi without hesitation grabbed it and began to pull it There was one more weak attempt by my rational self but it was a long shot
- But you're just a kid I've known you for 15 years it wouldn't be a good idea…
- I'm 20 years old I'm a grown woman and I'm not a virgin I used to love watching every episode of your operation last night with my mom and the two guys I've dated are nothing compared to this Either I just blew them or they fucked me in a condom and they left in like five minutes Sometimes they tried oral but after a few minutes they felt like they were cool and they just wanted to take care of themselves So here's the deal I want you to give me as much of a blow job as you did last night with my mom That means you're gonna come inside me at least once ' cause I've never done that with anyone before I don't care if you come in my mouth I'm not as Virgin as Mom Besides I want to know what you were doing in the bathroom at the end because of all the action that sounded the most intense and I want to experience it
- Uh Well I'm not entirely sure that's what you want…
- But I do Anyway I'm gonna tell my dad about the events so I guess that wouldn't be good for anyone By the way tell me honestly how many times does a 20-year-old hot girl offer you free sex?
 Well not too much and there's no need to threaten me So in the end there was a little anal action in the bathroom that's all
- You fucked my mom in the ass with this big dick? I can't believe you can't fit in there
- Do you really have to be so ugly right now? By the way yes I had a lot of baby oil and I came in there and it wasn't even my idea In the end I just gave him the whole thing and you heard me right because he was really cool with it and neither was I
 I never dreamed he'd do something like this but I never thought I'd do it myself But if it's really that much of an experience then maybe it's worth a try We'll see about that but in the meantime…
And quickly he'd slide down and put me in his mouth For a guy who was supposed to have only two boyfriends he was pretty good at it He didn't stoop but as far as he could swallow my dick he managed to make a significant amount of it disappear I pretended to shoot him right in the mouth the first time and see what he did with that big dose he was praising but the promise of getting in the pussy clouded it so I tried to hold back from the beginning Instead I took control and after tasting every fine part of his young body in a row I'd drool all over it and settled down for a while with the tits In the case of Zsofi it's different hereshe was blessed with plump round tight breasts so I had to try something else As she was lying on her back I was kneeling over her breasts and I put my really not-so-small dick between the gorgeous tits and then I grabbed them and I squeezed myself with them and I literally put Zsofi in her chest and it wouldn't have worked for this year Sometimes I'd switch into his mouth which once or twice almost turned into a big squirt but I managed to get it back at the last minute()


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