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After the shower everyone went to bed but none of us could sleep for the rest of the night I was just tossing around in bed thinking about what happened God sucking my daughter's Dick and then fucking her ass My dick was so hard I jerked off one more time this morning thinking about Kate's ass You shouldn't have because at breakfast Kata kneeled in front of me and gave me a blow job
- Cheers
 Thank you sweetie but your mom's gonna be home soon and she's not gonna notice any of this
- I know believe me it won't I look forward to those three days
 She's leaving on Sunday morning and she's not coming home until Monday night so we'll have time for each other Now get to school and don't say a word to anyone
- Okay I know - I love you
- I love you
Those three days seemed a long time ago I was so excited I wanted to fuck her right now When my wife Vivien got home I couldn't wait for her to take a shower I grabbed her waist and I fucked her hard Kata's body was in front of my eyes the whole time The days went by hard and fortunately Kata's behavior showed nothing I couldn't sleep on a Saturday night so I waited for 9: 00 in the morning when Vivien left for work When Vivi went out the door and got into the car I only dared to turn around and go down to Kata's room I didn't have to go much because the door opened before I got there Kate was standing at the door posing as a flirt
- Do you like me?
- You're so hot She was standing in front of me in a loose French panty and a shirt with a cut-off bottom and a smooth bottom with the underside of her chest But now he posed with his right foot slightly raised and his left hand clinging to the top of the door frame Her left breast peeked out from under the shirt and the raised leg made her pubic hair look out from under her panties
- Then take me for a change I couldn't wait for her to leave I want you to fuck me I've had a hard-on for daysI want you so bad
- Let's do it baby I walked up and grabbed her waist and I lifted her up and I carried her like a bride to the double bed I want you so bad
- I want to feel your body Daddy
- A little petting zoo?
- Yeah Lick the road for your dick
- You free-mouthed little girl I'm going to put your pie hole in - I kissed her and with that momentum I reached into her pants I had a hot wet little cunt in my hand that I started caressing I went down to her breasts and I started sucking on her nipples while I was working on her clitoris and she was beating my dick I couldn't get enough of her bouncy breasts it was a miracle Her tits were bouncing in my mouth like a rubber ball They were just like that Her nipples were so hard it almost hurt me Her pussy was pouring out of it It's been a long time since I've known a woman to want sex so badly I didn't have much time to think about it because she came with a loud scream She was so hot and I was so hot I came in her hand That was quick
- I wanted you so bad Now fuck me I want to feel what it's like to have your dick in my pussy
 I don't want to make a baby for you
- Would you like a condom?
 Yeah don't believe anyone that rubber is not good for sex Never let their son put his dick in your pussy without a condom
- Okay come on
- I'm here let's open it and pull it up together
- I've never done it before
- I know but you're gonna learn
- Heyit's on Do you find me that hot? You want your little girl's pussy?
- Very You're the most exciting thing I can think of
- What's it gonna be?
- Tear it at the edge of the package but be careful not to damage the rubber
- Is that good?
- Yeah - yeah Now look where you can turn it
- Turn it down?
- No just look at it
- Okayso what?
- Put it on my dick so you can pull it on
- Like this?
- Yeah but before you put it on grab the foreskin and pull it back


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