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I was a college girl and this story happened to me in the late ' 90s I was in my senior year I was considered a tall beautiful decorative girl They liked to put my classmates ' swollen dicks in blowjobs at parties They loved sucking on my naked big labia fucking my tight wet pussy I shaved my pussy but I always liked to leave a stripe on the hill My tattooed body with colourful patterns arouses hot desires in many males The males have always loved my round shapely ass my skinny waist and my big round boobs my big protruding nipples They thought I was a real fucking dick-end-looking chick
Until then I was only with guys my age or a little older until I was like 26 27 Of course I noticed that in college the older professors would look at me steal and covet their lustful glances at me anxiously observe my tight top my round feminine curves my fat fat lips I managed to get through the studies but I passed the post-test every once in a while I was a grad student and unfortunately I couldn't improve on a real subject The professor called me into his office after class and said :
 Unfortunately you failed your post-test several times Miss Unfortunately that means she can't take the bar
I'm extremely depressed but I've been trying to work out a solution with the teacher
- Professor please give me another chance It's very important that I finish school this year
- I'm sorry but we have to follow protocol - he answered
- Please teacher just allow it in my case It's more important to me than anything - I practically begged you
In my confusion and nervousness I didn't realize that the 58-year-old teacher was staring eagerly at my titty as the tip of the big round melon pierced my thin white T-shirt I couldn't see it but under the teacher's table the half-steeped dick of the starved hog
- I'll see what I can doI'll have to check with the dean and the Chancellor Come back tomorrow at 1: 00 and you can leave now
(I didn't know but he was looking out at my shape-formed ass fantasizing about what it would be like to take a dip in this effeminate weather with his stiff cock)
I was up all night getting nervous The next day after lectures I went to see the professor
- I checked with the two colleagues miss They were not pleased but they agreed at my long request to give you only a new opportunity Please sit down - I sat across from the teacher and watched his words with excitement I was biting my lips and my breasts from the rapid breathing went up and down faster
- We can give you a chance to correct this afternoon We'll question him outside Please consider how important this test report is to you
- More than anything Sir I'd do anything for him
The eyes of the male who longs for my pussy lit up
- Oh yeah? Anything? In that case I can guarantee you success
The professor was a complete white-haired gentleman He's tall about 6 '2" about 110 kg Slightly portly but very modern style He wore sporty youthful shirts and T-shirts She used to go abroad on vacation and relax so her skin was bronzed with sunlight Her eyes were blue her face her body her masculinity her white hair reminded her of her ageing age Now that I'm a little relieved I got a better look at it I could have easily imagined having great sex with the old man I could see in his eyes that he was crazy about wanting to fuck me I was starting to figure out what this was all about
 At 4: 00 this afternoon by the old lake in front of the hunting lodge you and your two colleagues will be charged for a better grade If he shows up and we find everything right he gets the right one he doesn't even have to write juvie We'll meet you there in Mr lektor's camper van It's a special exam please make an appropriate appearance
- Of course don't worry professor you'll be very pleased with everything Thank you so much for making this possible
- There's nothing to thank My colleagues and I have been wondering for a long time what kind of knowledge you have  she said it and she smiled a little as she looked me in the eye
I knew what he wanted - and I must confess I was so excited about it I got the confidence and the bitch blood I came up to him and I sat in front of him I held her neck with my arm As I sat on his lap in high-heeled sandals and miniskirts I rubbed my hot cunt against his pants with rhythmic mating moves I could feel his cock swelling through his lace thong I got carried away and I used to do a lot of fucking moves on my professor's groin-thirsty groinI was eyeing him and licking my lips like a whore He couldn't speak out of shock
- Here's an advance - I told you  I can see how much you like meI'm working on you so you can get laid in the afternoon


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