Releasing after shower

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The street was deserted The Moonlight pulled my face into a silver stripe as I hurriedly walked on the sidewalk circling the tiny puddles I pulled my coat together as soon as I got hit by the hot cold wind I was standing alone at the bus stop when a familiar car parked in front of me Tom rolled down the window and looked at me broken
- Hi - hi I did I'd love to take you home
I returned his gaze coldly
- No thanks
And with that I moved away waiting for the bus and I was torn apart by the pain Of course I would have gone with him Spend a night in his arms But I was stubborn and still angry Even though he tried to make amends cheating doesn't come on my list of "forgivable sins" He drove off and I waited for the damn bus that didn't want to come And then when he arrived and we were driving home I was tired and I was waiting for nothing but a good bath I walked into my little service apartment turned on the light and let my eyes get used to the light I had my usual simple yet beautiful living room There were still pictures on the pale green wall and under them were ornamental plants and a cd stand I threw my coat on the couch and went to the kitchen to make my coffee
I was sipping the steaming liquid when someone rang the doorbell I went to the door and I looked out my peephole Oh that's just my luck It was Tomi I opened the door angrily but was surprised at the sight of it He had a red rose in his hand with a beautiful bow and a box of chocolates He stood awkwardly at the door and looked me right in the eye
- Please - he did
I sighed and stepped back and he entered the room and looked around
- Nothing's changed - he mumbled
I closed the door and just stood there waiting for him to say something He gave me gifts without saying a word
 I'm so sorry please please forgive me
She sounded so begging so sad There was tears in my eyes and I walked up to him I held her still holding the Rose and the candy He returned the hug and I wanted to stand with him like this all night He had such a safe warm embrace He pulled back and put his hand gently under the chin He lifted it up and carefully looking at my reaction he leaned over my lips and breathed the most delicate kiss he could I couldn't help myself I put the presents on the table and I kissed her too We were getting more and more horny He lifted me up into his arms and took me into the bedroom He put me gently on the bed bent over me and kissed me again while his hands were already touching my body First my arm then my neck my collarbone my breasts in circles
I couldn't wait for him to touch my already tight nipples but he kept torturing me and his hand moved down He used to call my belly a pet name and I used to tell him I loved what he was doing He smiled when he kissed me and then slowly pulled my shirt off She took my bra off and threw it on the floor She looked at my breasts and she leaned over one of them and she sucked my nipples hard I moaned up and pulled his shirt out of his pants unbuttoned it and buried my hands in the thick hair of his breast While he was caressing my nipples I pulled his cock out of his pants and put my hand on him In response he groaned and licked my breasts even more intensely I pulled him up to steal a kiss from him and he was happy to do what I asked He pulled my pants off me and stroked my crotch through my panties with his big hand all over my pussy When he took it off and pampered her I was very wet Slowly very slowly he pulled away from the bed pulled me closer to him and spread my legs The next thing I know he's kissing my pubic thigh kissing her and kissing her sometimes dragging his tongue through her
I couldn't help myself I screamed and begged him Then he changed tactics and started licking my pussy He circled my clitoris with his tongue and then he went down and pulled it in and out of my vagina()


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