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I'm a young pretty pretty hairdresser who works at a salon in DC We have a lot of guests who make my imagination run wild but most of the time they stay in my fantasy But there was a guy in his mid-20s who "took me out" once: I'd like to tell you about that
Adam is known to everyone in the salon: the girls will all melt when he enters the shop: he has a six-foot beautiful body which is tanned in the neighboring tanning salon beautiful brown eyes charming smile that dazzles everyone Everyone likes to mow him but most of the time he checks in with me Since I have a small part of the drawing room that is separate from the other tables he often tells me in addition to his business affairs his most intimate affairs no matter how much excitement it gives me Imagine a real lead Bull who doesn't anchor with a woman; and since he often makes clear remarks to me I knew I'd have a chance with him
One time a stuffy summer Saturday morning he checked in to see me The air conditioner kept running providing a pleasant air compared to the stuffy outside world Lots of
we had a guest but it was just Adam's turn for me because the old girl who followed him refused to dye her hair All my co-workers were busy with work not paying much attention to my own little desk I thought it was now or never I must have this man if only for one time Out of the heat of the outside he entered the cool drawing-room He was in a sexy moist short-sleeved shirt stretched across his chest with the top buttons unbuttoned giving access to the muscular bare and bronze-brown chest of the half-god man with a beautiful gold chain around his neck At the bottom a small large shorts which emphasized his masculinity for he was not wearing underwear I could see that clearly He sat down with a smile on his face at the shampoo chair and breathed out with relief "My dear one hairdresser a quick cut please" he joked "What's the matter sir are you hot?"'I continued and then gently massaged her vigorous shoulder muscles "Perhaps this will relax the guest "I looked around everyone was busy with their guests - just like me but I enjoyed the job a little more Just like Adam who's completely relaxed under my hands
I was slowly finishing my workout and I adjusted the lukewarm shampoo After I wet and shampooed her hair I started massaging her temple "Oh that feels good do it"'she murmured softly which turned me on for I could have imagined that sentence in any other situation Then with my wet hands I reached into his shirt and began to caress his slightly sweaty chest To the best of my ability I pampered him which he enjoyed more and more He soon gave me a sign of this though he probably did not know that I would notice all of this: first he fixed his trousers with his right hand and then at a moment's notice he began to work out his ever-bulging tail But just like I wouldn't notice He knew however that he had to control himself now even though he knew that what I was doing now was an invitation to waltz So the next half hour the "business part" of the thing that is the haircut took place in silence in a glowing atmosphere Each of our smiles came together while under the cap sometimes his hand appeared and went unnoticed into my thighs I really enjoyed that but I couldn't wait to pamper her again
I had a hard time cutting her hair and she said " how much do I owe you?"Nothing and you'll thank me for it" I answered with a great deal of conjecture "And me How about tonight?"he asked "Come here at 9: 00" I replied As I grabbed his half-hard bag He left the salon without a word and I knew that night I'd get what I'd been dreaming of In this atmosphere it was very difficult to pass the humid Saturday Everyone's gone home from the salon and of course I'm stuck with some lame excuse I was so bored I was cleaning and the time got so far away all I could hear was a knock on the door of the salon at 9: 00 sharp It was Adam I let him in I closed the curtains and I locked the door I saw her as desirable as I'd never seen her before I could smell the freshness on him but I didn't want to smell it I wanted to smell him as soon as possible inside me He put me in a comfortable chair pulled down my panties and began to lick me
I felt so exhilarated I was already in heaven His nimble tongue worked diligently in my wet pussy while I clung to the short hair of his freshly trimmed head Soon I screamed it was my turn I laid my partner comfortably on the cosmetic table and sat on his hard wood which was then covered by all the excess clothing()


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