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My name is Krisztián and I'm 15 years old and I go to a very tough high school The quality of the school is high and it is a special feature that the faculty was not made by old women but by young mature women and men So it was easy to have a good relationship with a teacher - student We understood each other
Our Hungarian teacher was a very beautiful and charming 23-year-old woman She had long blonde hair medium-sized breasts Thin as a reed fair as a ray of sunshine I used to think about it at home when I masturbated Over the years I've felt a little attached to my teacher In our school it was customary for teachers and students to speak up I noticed that the teacher is always calling me by my first name and calling me by my first name on a regular basis Or for example there was one called 9 - I was eyeing the teacher I could tell you a few of those things but they were pretty rare I couldn't find out what her feelings were
It was my second year of school The school has organized a special trip to Paris Of course it was advertised months earlier and those who took pity had to pay a very expensive price We had to pay for expensive trips I was looking forward to it Lucky for me one of the organizers was my Hungarian teacher I thought if I didn't act now I would never March came quickly We were on a plane so the trip didn't take days We've been there exactly eight days we've been all over the city Our accommodation was fortunately not a shabby hostel but there was no 5-star hotel It was acceptable I must say What wasn't usual was that because of the lack of space and gender inequality boys and girls slept in the same room So if there were only girls in a room there would have been some empty seats in the last girl's room We couldn't afford that It was the easiest way to put us in together There were 35 of us on the trip Sleeping with the girls didn't set us off at all Later as the days went by the situations became more and more relaxed No one was shy but we weren't peeping at each other I didn't even think about fucking one of the girls in the room I was always thinking about the teacher which is not normal I know Towards the evening of the second day I decided to act The adults ' quarters were one floor up I was on my way up I knocked on the door and went in Fortunately for me only the Hungarian teacher was in the room I was unprepared and all I could think about was sex and I couldn't just say that to the teacher I was quick to find a reason why I'm here
- Hello
- Hi - hi
- Where are the other teachers? - I asked him
- I understand you've gone to The Art Bridge I'm tiredI didn't go Why are you up here?
I'm speechless here I didn't know what he was saying all of a sudden
- I did I just wanted to talk to the teacher - I'm relieved
- All right sit on my bed
I had an unexpected time We talked about the trip Paris and in general where everyone's been on vacation We were laughing In an unexpected moment my dick started to stiffen Unfortunately I was sitting in a position where my pants touched my Acorn which suddenly thought there was action I tried to hide it with more or less success Then after five minutes of suffering in those jeans the teacher noticed my discomfort
- Krisztián him you got a hard-on?
The situation was unpleasant my face was red like a Ferrari
"I'm sorry teacher" I explained spontaneously
- Tonight? I don't think so
I didn't know what to say I didn't think it was gonna work out for me There was only one solution I threw myself at the teacher and started making out with her There's no turning back now I thought so I could feel him kissing me back not apologizing After 30 seconds he pushed me away
- That was a serious mistake Go outside please
I sat on the bed for a while and then I listened desperately I went outside and I didn't know if I should be happy or not I've actually achieved my goal and I haven't He didn't resist at first If he wants something he'll decide later I'll just wait
The next day was a happy ordinary day We were having fun with my friends and we were looking at another landmark By the morning of the fourth day I knew I wouldn't get up today I got sick I probably had a cold because I had a fever and nausea I had an unpleasant day ahead of me I even threw up this morning I felt terrible and I didn't have enough energy The only good thing was that the Hungarian teacher took it stayed home with me nursed me He neglected this kind of care but sometimes he looked in my room Half past 1: 00 in the afternoon I felt a little better that was enough to make me go for a ride around the House All the rooms were empty Where's the teacher? After I couldn't find him I had to find the easiest place to look()


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