OMG! They all join in. Who says men are straight?

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My wife's mom has a summer house on Lake Balaton Since he's old we used to walk and mow the lawn clean him up Of course I take turns with my wife's Sister (Sister-in-law)
Once Upon a time both families went to do the usual things around the cottage at the same time So we were able to join half the work After I finish mowing the lawn Yvette (my wife) offered to go to the nearby supermarket and get something to eat after cooking together Yvette stormed out and left me alone with my sister-in-law emo On the terrace we started talking about meaningless things Then I found myself looking very carefully at her long white feet her small round breasts her shapely faceher long blonde hair I was thinking if I had the time and kept it a secret I'd make a pass at him
As if he could read my mind he began to tell me about himself that he and Gergo had never satisfied himself once in bed if it came to that he would just shove it in him five or seven times and come in then as if he had done his job well he turned and slept He also told me that a few months ago Yvette and he told me a lot about our sex stuff our habits He also told me that he had a lot of the sex I was giving him because I could enjoy it two or three times during a lovemaking (that's true)
I was surprised that he had opened himself up to me and embarrassed me for by that time my cock was staring heavily into the sky I felt the throbbing I felt the moisture from the end of my dick
"I see" I said just to say something - How about next time you take charge take matters into your own hands and I keep saying his dick with a smile on my face
- I've tried to pamper him a few times caress him play with him suck his dick but it's the same thing I do when I fuck him I take a few seconds and go off Gergő doesn't like me playing with his dick anymore - he said it unanimously
In my mind I felt a great desire to put mine in his hands for who is the man who does not desire it?
- I'd let it out of my mouth quietly but not so quietly that he wouldn't hear it
And I thought I saw something bright in his eyes and he was smiling
"I'm going to take a shower" said I in confusion and of course to relieve myself in the shower
In the room I started to take off my shirt and then my shorts and underwear I wrapped a towel around me but I could still see my bulging standing cock and I was going to the bathroom And it occurred to me that I was finally going to jerk off because I couldn't stand it when a soft voice came up behind me
- Wait a minute - emo came over and kissed me on the lips Her kiss was soft and wet and I kissed her back I caressed her breast with my hand and tried to remove the piece of her top bikini but she pushed me away
'No not yet' he whispered softly - Let me enjoy what I don't get what I've been wanting to enjoy for a long time - and to give his word he pulled the towel off me All without stopping to kiss
He touched the naked belly of my rock-hard cock leaving some mucus on it
"You're so hard and hot I'll help you" he said with a smile
He reached out and took my tool He took two of my balls a little crumpled and then pulled his nails gently from my testicles to the top of my Acorn I got goosebumps I felt really good excited
my Acorn gently pressed it with two fingers which resulted in a single dose of SAP He raised it to his mouth and he took my moisture
He took my hand and led me to the couch and I lay on my back and he knelt before me and again he took my cock in his hand and continued where he left off He rhythmically pulled the skin with one hand with the other caressed my ballsmy balls and crumbled I was on fire but he wouldn't let me explode
"Hmm sister" said he acknowledging "not a bit too much about the size of your cock and you can enjoy it any more" he whispered sweetlyWith his tongue he gnawed at the crack of my acorn and licked my pole
- You got a big fat dick I can barely swallow it - but he managed to suck it and he couldn't take it and he tried He was sucking and my balls were crushing him gentlyThen he took turns beating my dick balls balls Her long blond hair gave me a thrill of caressing my stomach my breasts
I felt it go off but he felt it with one hand on my testicle and with the other hand pressed me under my Acorn so that the moment did not come I did not shoot out what I was so looking forward to I was waiting for my dick to get it
 You're about to have an experience that will remind you of me forever - it's an emo
He got me off the couch and he got me on his knees and he wouldn't put it in his mouth and I really wanted it My cock continued to torture him (and of course me) play with him touch him to his face gently slap him which was unusual and new feeling I enjoyed very much()


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