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He came as usual Obediently and with the eyes of admiration I was waiting for him at the top of the hill so that I could spot him from hundreds of metres away when he was getting off the bus and going up the steep hill where he was willing to climb every day Shoulder bag messy hair hoping I don't know how he felt about us I never asked
The breeze gently fluttered the foliage of the surrounding trees I thought they were blowing his scent into my nose and I could already feel my dick getting hard Every part of him reminded me of the unearthly calm I had only experienced in the moments I was with him
By the time he got up he was blushing and moaning softly That only added to my excitement
- I'm glad you came today
He didn't answer he just nodded with a smile I checked it out Short reddish-haired hair reddish face green eyes dirty nose fleshy lips that he bit gently I could tell he was tickling my eyes As I went down I looked at the long graceful neck puka shoulders especially large but otherwise very large firm breasts which were very much visible on the green V-cut shirt she was wearing and each move of the denim skirt she was wearing she stroked her long thighs provocatively I walked up to him and I held him tight and I just sucked in his angelic scent and then reaching under his chin I gently lifted his head forcing him to look me in the eye for a long time He always did what I wanted and he rarely said anything I just stared and stared at the pain inside and out of my groin I wanted to take it right there in one of those bushes and that feeling set my insides on fire but I had to make it home
I lived in a tiny house that was made out of a garden shed because I couldn't afford a bigger one but it was perfect for me The job the messy and unresponsive didn't leave me much time there anyway
He knew exactly the way here and he knew that as soon as the heavy iron door closed behind us I would no longer be able to hold on to myself I pressed her hard against the wall and kissed her and then I bit her delicate fleshy lips as I rubbed my throbbing groin against her He sighed softly
- Pleaseah please
"I have" I said to him " I have lost those divine lips and I began to kiss his neck and his whole torso twitched as if by a gentle lightning stroke his whole spine stretched back into a graceful arch" She was so fragile and yet so hot and demanding I could never decide whether to be gentle or rude While my hands were wandering around her breasts they crawled under the fine top (not wearing a bra) and began to grip the tight Hills
- Ah - she screamed as my fingers pressed against the nipple I felt like I was holding a goddess in my arms and that thought almost knocked me out So I stopped being gentle and put my hand up her skirt with a firm gesture
- Moreah yes please - he whispered as I stroked his clitoris through his wet-ass panties His knee was weak and almost fell down to the ground along the wall but I caught him and supported him to the bed The smell of her pussy has crawled up my nose and I've completely lost control of myself I took his clothes off wildly and then my pants off
"I want you" he sighed and gave me a hard - on and began to caress him with longing - I want to feel you fill me up
I kissed her wildly and then I fell over and licked her while I was holding her breasts with my hands in front of me She had a wonderful taste of pussy but I didn't want to enjoy it for too long
"Now it is your turn" I said and he sat up obediently I put my hand in her hair and put her mouth on my dick I loved watching my dick disappear between those fine swollen lips()


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