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1 'Chapter III
I'm Cat middle-aged Pretty Woman and I had my first lesbian experience in a hotel with the hot young hostess Here's my story
We stayed in one of the best rooms in the hotel with my husband from which you could see straight down to the pool Richard had business meetings but we had plenty of time to rest Ironically my husband first noticed Shara we were standing on the terrace of our room He crawled out of the pool in a mouthful of bikinis pulled our eyes on him as he walked by the pool with his bouncy slender body
- Lovely isn't it? - I asked a little jealous
"She looks like my niece" murmured Richard confused which was indeed true The girl's face is perfect her features are remarkable Blonde medium-length hair dripping with water Of course we weren't the only ones staring at itthe other men could barely take their eyes off it
Richard and I spent the next afternoon by the pool I read a nice novel on Kindle he listened to music I was really into reading but I was flustered almost asleep A very pleasant female voice drew me back to reality
- Hey is this chair free?
- Yes absolutely "my husband replied I had a strange premonition I didn't open my eyes I knew the blonde bomber had settled in with us
"There are many today" murmured Richard
- Yes extremely All the rooms at the hotel are full - they smiled at each other
 I work at the hotel club you and your wife should stop by sometime
Richard promised we'd stop by sometime
The next time we saw her was at dinner she smiled at the two of us My husband wished him a good night and he told me that night was his day off Richard was just telling me that the next day he was going to be in talks all night - unfortunately I was left alone in the hotel when we noticed that he was looking around with her food-packed tray for free space He sort of drifted with us and Richard suggested he sit with us Shara smiled gratefully at us and it felt good to have her around even though I knew Richard liked her very much
My date went to the bar after dinner to talk to a client and I was on my own with her
- You know sometimes it's awkward being alone in a hotel like this
"Yes I know" I replied " Richard has to go away for a day or two for business and then I feel very much myself" He's leaving tomorrow
- All day?
- Even by dinnertime He can't get back until after But it is possible that you will also have to spend the night at your employer's House A trial can go on as long as it takes
- Well maybe we could have dinner together - suggested by a new acquaintance which I immediately agreed to
Richard came back and the three of us had a nice time at our table for an hour and then out of trouble Shara saved herself Our eyes were glued to the shape of the man who was leaving us under his waistcoat as if he had not even worn a thong Her hips swung soft erotic sight every step of the way I don't know what's gotten into meI've never watched a woman so closely before
- So you two are having dinner? - Richard asked in our room
- Yes and I hope you can join us dear
 I don't think so HoneyI might have to stay there till Thursday It seems the cabinet people are being clever I'm looking at a big game Which is why I'm glad we met Shara so you won't be bored
- Yes she's a very nice girl and she's very nice
'Yes it is' muttered Richard when we undressed and went to bed I started reading again
 Honey I saw you staring at her beautiful legs and buttocks looking at her like a man
- Me? Oh no- I answered in confusion
- I could live with seeing you with a woman
 I don't want that I told you
I was angry Richard had already brought it up once but to me it was impossible and I couldn't bear to share it I didn't have any lesbian tendencies until then although it's true from the sensual beauty of Shara I couldn't remove myself
"It is beautiful" said My husband "but it is beautiful here" he stroked my breast because he might have seen that I was hurt
He caressed me slowly and delicately set my senses on fire bent over my breasts sucked my nipples and ten minutes later I was on my back because Richard made me feel pretty hard for him Before that he was licking me for minutes down there and it was delicious She stretched my vagina with her fingers and that's when I first came His penis filled me in better than ever
I had a bad feeling that I couldn't help but wonder if he was so intense because he was thinking about Shara
The next day I went down to the pool around 10: 00 am after Richard left Although the weather was nice there was a cold wind and there was little sunlight()


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