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We had a pretty big apartment when I was a student and my parents used to rent a room for college girls They liked girls though not for reasons like me but simply because they took better care of the apartment than their son When I was a senior my parents moved out of the house abandoned me in the apartment with our current tenant Eniko As you can imagine I wasn't particularly shocked that the ancients didn't bother home whether they had to or not But let me tell you about Eniko
Despite the fact that she was very pretty as far as I know she didn't have a lover or a friend with the word in these days She had beautiful long black hair slim waist and buttocks that attracted my eyes like a magnet to iron I used to secretly watch her buttocks as the attractive lines of her thighs swarm and continue in a booty so to caress I could barely keep my eyes off her Even though I didn't want to hunt a rabbit I've imagined a hundred times what it would be like to have a palm - sized space between his legs-when he was bending over to wash dishes in the kitchen after a meal Needless to say I never missed a chance to eat with him I tried to admire your curves very discreetly but I think you've noticed how distracted I am
I was amazed and delighted to find that he was already spread a little bit wider and it seemed to be bulging his butt more He was washing a nickel-plated tray and putting me out to dry and I didn't realize until late that he was watching me strip him in a mirror while I was watching his rhythmically moving butt I watched until I raised my eyes and looked at you in the tray mirror I must have blushed but she smiled sweetly and pretended not to notice anything He must have been watching me for a while I guess that's when he realized how busy he was It probably wasn't a coincidence the bigger spread and the bulging rocking buttocks
She regularly wore a pale pink home cloak reaching mid-thigh Two days later I noticed that his top button wasn't buttoned and if he leaned forward his cleavage would be so deep you could see the top of his breast arch It's just maddening It's maddening because I knew she wasn't wearing a bra You could see on the dress line that she wasn't wearing a bra Talking about everyday things was torture That's how it went every day for a week He must have enjoyed it very much because when I couldn't stand it anymore and didn't go to the kitchen to have dinner with him he asked me out saying he didn't want to eat alone Of course I didn't say no and I went with him and the call was too much to resist
He set the table and I cleaned out my food from the fridge and then I settled down next to the fridge and I gave him the space but I sat down so that if he leans into the fridge I'd have a chance to get a better look at his cleavage The result exceeded all expectations It took my breath away too because as she leaned forward of course the dress fell forward because she wasn't wearing a belt I had a perfect view of her cleavage Deep down deep down to her panties she hesitated for half a minute about what dinner should be while I could admire the pears she hid there or rather she was pointing She must have known I was staring at her breasts for she had not consciously looked at me not to disturb me in silent contemplation but I saw the middle of her nipples slowly rising out of their backyard
It was an impressive sight and it caused serious changes in my pants and it felt terribly tight Finally he took out honey and took his place He asked me to bring him a spoon since I'm the closest thing to a kitchen cupboard I must have failed to hide the state I was in because I had to face him as I handed him the spoon and I had a throbbing front of my pants from the pent-up tension Of course we both tried to pretend like nothing happened It was as if my eyes were not walking through the valley between her breasts clinging up from one prickly nipple to another and Eniko's glistening eyes only indicated that she could see that my dick was standing like a tent pole under a tarp
After all we started eating Eniko managed to get her hands dirty with honey while eating He had slim thin hands with long frail fingers that ended up in female-grown nails The little innocent he began to suck off the honey smeared on his fingers one by one but he did it by involuntarily thinking it would look the same if he didn't suck his finger When he took his middle finger completely I couldn't take it anymore and with a clumsy gesture I knocked his spoon down()


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