Next Door Buddies Size Matters

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I'm sitting on a bench at the edge of the park right next to the café entrance From here you can see the park and any route it comes from It's early in the evening the wind is blowing It's not exactly the end of August weather This morning when I left home I didn't know I had an evening planned and I was wearing a thin summer light shirt long jeans shoes I'm not hot Fortunately he's not late - relative accuracy is still in there She's wearing the same clothes she was wearing this morning -- at least as far as I can remember; I wasn't really in the mood to assess it this morning The black lace stockings on the other hand had already appeared Incredibly sexy Light summer skirt little top black long sleeves wearing a light blazer Instead of wearing glasses he wears contact lenses; it must have come from training
We'll go to the cafe get a menu and a drink from the pretty waitress We both order tea; the warmth is good for my cold body
We sit across from each other and talk It's been a long time It's good to see you but it's even better to be with him to smell him I look at his face his eyes Oh those eyes
At first he's very rigid and distant and then I manage to make him smile even a little bit of a laugh I missed that grin face
His hands are resting on the table I put my own with them and as we speak I gently touch it He pulls his hands away and starts playing with a bag of honey I'm putting my hands back on my own territory
Time goes by there's more juicy stuff out there guys He's ripped he's not ripped he's skinny he's scrappy and he's black He said he didn't have anything to do with it but he wanted to know Meanwhile his hands are on the table again I imagine the big black dick filling his naked white pussy It turns me on to think that I'm going to get a hard-on right away I'm getting tougher I'm gonna grab your hands again He's not pulling away now He licks his lips when my mouth dries and I swallow a big one I'll touch my knees to your knees I can feel the warmth coming out of him I wish it Right here right now I'll take a look around; I'm looking for the bathroom He looks at me asking questions I say I'm looking for the bathroom He's waving his head over there I'm gonna get up and head that way I'd hold his hand and take him with me but he's not moving I look at him questioning and I wave my head in He's shivering I'm gonna lean over him kiss his face kiss his neck My hot breath tickles your soft skin I whisper in your ear that I want you here and now I'm standing up I look at him and I see him smiling but he's already smiling at the food
I'm gonna take his hand and put a little mark on it but I'm gonna let his fingers slide out of my fingers I'm going to the bathroom I'm not looking back to see if he's coming after meI just trust him
I enter the bathroom the door closes behind me I'll stop and wait a few seconds I can't hear a thing I'm heading to the men's section when the door opens I turn around and he walks in There's a happy smile on my face I walk up to him I hold him I pull him to me I'll look him in the eye and kiss him Her lips are hot and wet her scent is intoxicating I'm gonna grab her ass and put it in my lap He's got his legs around my waist I'm gonna take him into the male part - less male guests - and lock the door behind us
We're kissing I'm holding her butt and her thighs and I'm holding her she's squeezing my waist with her legs she's holding her hands around my neck and we're just looking into each other's eyes I want it
I'm gonna lower it so I want to hang up His legs let go of my waist I let go of his thighs His feet touch the ground but his hands still cling to my neck I kiss her face kiss her neck while my right hand is looking for a way under her black shirt and then I take her left breast in my hand while my left hand is holding her right bottom
All of a sudden I turn him around so he can stand with his back to me I hold her close to me My hard cock is pressed against his buttocks my right is sliding down to his pubic thigh while my left hand is now caressing his breasts under his top but even through his bra With my right hand I lift her skirt and look for her hill()


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