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Bella went home with her father All he had planned for that day was a nice shower and a quick nap But he was unable to sleep because of the excitement he experienced He got out of bed and he Googled the concepts of the qualities that Edward experienced:
"Quick cold pale skin superhuman strength”
In the middle of the hit page he found what he was looking for A page detailing the Immortals the vampires
- Yes Edward is a vampire - Bella whispered in front of him
Now he was sure:
1 Edward's dominant being yearns for his blood and wants to kill him
2 At the same time the boy protected his life
3 And he himself wishes for this strange figure
After his realization his thoughts began to spin around the boy She saw the image of him intervening to protect her from her assailants the way they talked in the restaurant and then earlier the way Jessica talked about him the way she couldn't reach the others He felt that his thoughts were starting to excite his body He hid under the blanket and turned off the light on his bedside table
Edward watched Bella's window from the top of the tree The girl's room is in total darkness The boy waited a few more minutes and then easily jumped from the tree with his foot in the house and then with a snap he came up on the roof He leaned over to the window to see the sleeping girl
Bella felt completely safe excited by the excitement of her thoughts The images that appeared before his mind were coupled with his fingers ' game In his lying position with his chin raised he moaned with slightly open lips whispering the boy's name After a while he continued to pamper himself lying on his stomach He's out of the blanket Lying on her stomach she pulled her panties down to her shin Her sleep shirt was covering her upper torso pushing her clitoris Edward's eyes were hanging on the free pussy feeling his boner coming on She massaged her lustful buttons moving the skin of the inviting pleasure cave that yawned at Edward The boy on the roof was standing in a peculiar position watching Bella who carried her self-agitation to orgasm "I wish I could hear his thoughts now" when he's clearly with me in his fantasy"the thought passed through the boy Next thing I know Bella comes out with a half-voice scream While she was in the throes of her lust Edward left the roof with as little noise as possible He felt the tension of his tail when he landed after he jumped
The next day the girl was number three he saw Edward for the first time before class The boy smiled at him from the other side of the school field and then headed towards him And she turned around and he went Bella's in the woods You knew Edward would bridge the difference of a hundred yards between the two of you in a second
- I know what you are - he said staring at you
- Yeah say it - you heard the voice next to your ear
- You're incredibly fast and strong I've never seen you eat food before You can hear other people's thoughts Your body is cold your skin is pale You're avoiding sunlight
- Say what I am
- Vampire  Bella turned and looked into Edward's eyes
- And you're afraid of me? "asked Edward
- No no no no - said Bella - You want to do something but you're far from a monster
- What's your most important question?
 I know you Cullens live on human blood "Bella said a little forced
 Wellwe actually live on animal blood so we avoid human blood Carlisle our family leader taught us how to stay away from human blood so we don't really become monsters
- Yeah I get it "Bella said" and then the school slowly glanced at the depopulated lobby" - I think we should go so we don't be late for class They'll figure out why we didn't get to the classroom on time
 If you want to be the first mortal to cross our threshold I'd be happy to introduce you to the rest of my family - offered by Edward
- Thank you for the special grace I'd like to take it - said Bella
He arrived in front of Bella Cullen's house around 4: 00 pm Upon entering he immediately noted the glass-walled structure on several sides
- It's so bright For someone who doesn't like light
- What did you expect? Moat dungeon coffins? "he asked with a light smile Edward
- A moat though nemde this one - he pointed surprised at a giant cross
 Carlisle's dad carved it back in the 1600s
- But you're afraid of the cross aren't you? - Bella asked
 Carlisle would say we carry our cross every day People can't even" cross " a vampire anymore In fact they're the ones most afraid of the cross They live their normal little droid lives with their problems as if nothing else exists Carlisle said the world of man had changed terribly()


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