Não aguentei de tesão e dei pro meu namorado


Lorena's favorite pastimes were reading and so was sex On Monday around noon this time he was on his way to Sanyi's house in connection with the previous activity as he had to return a book he had previously borrowed Upon entering the apartment he handed his mistress the reading thanked her and was about to leave
- You're leaving already? Won't you stay a little longer? - he asked
- No "I have to work soon but I wanted to stop by before" said Lorena
 Yeah I know but I thought we could still do something
 I hate to turn you down but I don't have a lot of time
'I understand but I don't necessarily mean a full round' said Sanyi with a smile
"Oh so you want me to relieve you quickly" she said nodding her head
- You're wrong "I would like it on you" said the boy
- Like what? What do you mean? "she raised the question surprised
- You know that "I want to pamper you and I want to do it without asking you back" continued the boy whose words gave Lorena a little shock I've seen her mouth-to-mouth with guys before but she didn't get anything in return But no one's ever made him an offer like this so after a short thought he decided it would be a shame to miss it
Lorena sat on the edge of the bed and threw down her undergarments leaving the black lace panties to her partner After that Lorena leaned back completely spread her legs wide open and gave herself up for pleasure Sanyi started the irritation at the right thigh: he kissed the inner side gently and moved on to the other He started to play with his tongue around the pussy and then he pointed it in the middle where it slipped between the slightly moist labia
At first he glided slowly up and down and later he went faster to savor it With his fingers he spread the folds and licked them violently and licked the shiny pink genitals She took the swollen clitoris of the girl who sighed loudly into her mouth For a while he'd suck it flick it with the tip of his tongue and then he'd suck it hard It migrated further down to drag the vagina more and more rapidly from the bottom up Stuck to the lips drinking sweet juice He resumed treatment of the clitoris causing Lorena to circulate wildly with her hips Sanyi touched his teeth to the clitoris with which he played with caution but still made her scream
The boy put his mouth all over the vulva and then he kissed the cunt She placed the heel of her left foot on her kneeling shoulder before her and with her eyes closed moaned on her own breasts Sanyi gently chewed the fleshy pussy which Lorena was rewarded with trembling shouting The boy again led the tip of his tongue to the hard clitoris He licked her around played with her left and right and then sucked her in constantly firmly smoking flying the girl who threw the bottom half vigorously screaming
When she woke up she thanked her partner with a kiss and then dressed and went to work satisfied and happy
Lorena danced with two boys she'd known less than an hour ago at B7 The second glass of gin and tonic met them at the bar The guy with brown hair brown eyes black T-shirt white pattern the same height blonde blue eyes white black pattern was named Dani They were both 24 sympathetic kind and extremely funny In a few minutes of conversation Lorena had grown fond of them so she was pleased to accept the invitation of one and the other young man for another glass of gin and tonic
On the dance floor they partied together in a good mood laughing a lot Just like they've known each other for years After his friend like Matthew had disposed of his empty beer bottle he stepped in front of her and after a few minutes of dancing drew her to him playfully They moved together and occasionally exchanged a brief word which made them laugh at me every time Dani got tired of being excommunicated so she gently placed her hands around her waist and then slowly she pressed up against him from behind Lorena was surprised at first but then she was happy to have a three-way with the two boys who often whispered in her ear kept her entertained After a while Dani turned the girl against herself so Matthew got close to her back and her butt
Lorena continued to party both individually and in pairs and once again pressed between them Around 3: 00 in the morning the party mood was quite settled so they decided to walk and talk quietly and accompany her for a while


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