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I'm in a whole new situation today I'm meeting two beautiful girls I'm gonna spend the night with them We met online we wrote for a while and then we met and now I'm at their door I'm a little nervous
Andi's answering the door Behind her Anita smiles They're both wearing thin T-shirts with no bra Andin long pants Anita short We go into the living room they pour me a drink We're having a confused conversation I've never been with two girls at once Not even the three of us When Anita gets up I give her my empty glass and on the way back I grab her waist
I'm gonna kiss your neck He's gonna lean on me a little more feeling embarrassed His eyes are looking for Andi He gets up he gets on our side he hugs us both He's Kissing Anita then me Anita will be encouraged to return my kiss we take turns kissing those who can't get lips kiss the faces and necks of others I'm touching Anita's back with my hand sometimes we bump into Andi but I can feel her hands on me
Sometimes I touch their breasts through the T-shirt I'm gonna put my hand under the T-shirts I'm stroking their soft velvety backs first Andi lets me slide my hand over her breast she's even more grateful to me as I start working out I'm trying to pull his shirt off with one hand but I can't I'll take off my shirt too She's only on Anita now but Andi won't let her It's a fantastic feeling to snuggle with two women's bodies four elasticated breasts caressing me and I caress them too
Andi's braver again he reaches in between us and he starts to button my pants I'm gonna reach into their pants too I can tell they didn't wear panties they have sensuously curled butts in the palm of my hand Andi's gonna bend over and get rid of my pants and underwear meanwhile I'm gonna start kissing Anita's tits I'll kiss your button around I'll lick it I'll put it between my lips I flick it with the tip of my tongue Once he's there he'll pull the pants off Anita which is a bit of a struggle but with his tits in my mouth he won't last long He even desecrates himself when he sets up
Now my thighs are tied to two hot women They haven't been ineffective at my manhood before but now he's got his head up his ass Anita can't decide whether to put it on her lap or pull over Andi will solve the problem again He keeps his hands between us he's got one on my dick and the other in Anita's pussy He's enjoying this my kisses are returned more violently Andi's gonna spread her legs a little bit and put my boner between them with the tip he caresses Anita's clitoris and then he pulls out his hand and tightens our butts I'm pulling Anita in too
I move small with my hips I enjoy touching Anita's hot wet pussy you'll find another one at the same time it's a different shape but it's hot and wet and he's happy to see me as I stroke it another curious hand hits my hand I'll let him pet the clitoris I'm going deeper in the meantime I'm not gonna stop kissing and moving my hips sometimes at the tip of my Acorn I feel a finger and then it was all the time looks like he's moving in too
Fortunately Anita has lost her shyness and little she gets because she rips herself out of us and drags herself into the bedroom he's pushing me on the bed he's kneeling over me but Andi's faster he grabs my dick and won't let Anita sit in it he caresses his clitoris with it Valley the entrance Anita's crying out for more when Andi takes pity on her and takes her hand his ass is on my thigh as he throws himself at me my cock goes unobstructed into the hot depths of his pussy He's gonna start riding me wild Andi's caressing him her breasts her tummy her back sometimes he touches his clitoris I get smoothed over sometimes
I'm looking for her pussy again with my hands I'm pampering her clitoris I'm circling it with my finger then I put two fingers in it again unfortunately my fingers are getting less and less coordinated Anita's movements her fantastic pussy are bothering me()


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