My Son'S Curious Friend — Part 1

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31 December there was The snow has been falling since last night so looking out the window you couldn't tell the roads from the snow cover of the gardens We got up late because we knew we had a long day ahead of us As usual I woke up first today I loved watching you sleep I didn't want to move much because your head was resting on my shoulder You opened your eyes
- Morning Sleepyhead - I said hello with a smile
All you did was smile and yawn like a kitten I don't even think you were awake yet Oops While stretching one of your paws got caught in my steely masculinity
- Hmmm Good morning - you said it laughing and started playing with it I was just about to put my arm around you and start this nice day off with a nice lovemaking and all of a sudden you grab your hand and you get fresh out of bed
- Let's go Come on let's go - you cried cheerfully
(Uuuuuuuuuu You're driving me crazy girl For a minute I fell back on my pillow and watched you go naked into the room
We walked down to town It was a nice walk Meanwhile the snow had stopped but everywhere we looked the white landscape was visible We're down to Elizabeth Bridge Over the Danube there was a sharp wind Your hand was as cold as an icicle so you always came to my other side to warm it up for you We're finally in a bit of a shadow on the Pest side
'Phew' you said shivering
I opened my coat you opened yours and I pulled you to me You were shivering in my arms Your breasts pressed against me and cold or not I started to stiffen I hugged you even harder and you had to feel it pressing against your stomach
"My lips are cold too" said he with a smile on his face and your hand groped it and you unzipped my pants I couldn't breathe as your ice-cold fingers grabbed my dick You laughed loudly
- How does it feel?
I still couldn't get a word in but luckily you warmed up quickly and now it wasn't the icy touch that got the words stuck in there You raised your head You had a satanic smile on your face and you bit your lower lip and looked me in the eye Meanwhile under the coat your hand was slipping on me faster and faster
- They're waiting for us at the restaurant - you said it and all of a sudden you let go of my dick Somehow you shoved me back in my pants and the zipper was in place
- You're an evil bitch - I whispered in your ear
You took my head and put it in your mouth
- I know - you whispered it with a hot breath which gave me goose bumps all over my body In the end you even bit my earlobe a little bit
Then you left me laughing and headed for the restaurant
- Are you coming?
I took a deep breath (I love you you little devil)
We were almost last The company was sitting at a long corner table and we were supposed to be on the short side of the wall I had a really good afternoon My friends loved you but you could not be loved
There have always been paintings for sale on the wall of the restaurant since we came here but now perhaps due to the expected traffic old jewelry has been exhibited in three cases You've never been a fan of this sort of thing but I could tell you've been eyeing one of those cases for an hour
- Come on let's go see them - I told you and I'm standing up But it was nice to stretch my legs a little As I stood up I felt that the red wine I had consumed this afternoon had made my feet a little leaden We walked up to the Cabinet Unfortunately I couldn't appreciate what I saw but I did notice that you looked very closely several times coming back to it an old ring with a red stone on it I could tell I liked it You slowly tore your eyes off and headed back to the table
The cheerful conversation continued and I was surprised to find that the bottle from which two of us poured our glasses was empty I glanced at you Your ever-beautiful big eyes were now narrowing down a crack and I suspected it was only the red wine As you bent over to get your glass your jeans slid lower than your butt and peeked out from under the edge of your tiny thong
- Take off your panties - I whispered in your ear with a hot breath Your hands resting on the table immediately ran cold your eyes opened wide
- What? - you whispered it back
(I love you I thought you said I couldn't imagine anything like this Just this: how?)
I slipped a knife under the table without being noticed It was a real restaurant play Nothing alive but a little rece at the end I gently pulled out the side strap of your panties and began to open it It was hard for the strong to give in but when he suddenly gave in to his destiny I threw my elbow into the table I looked around scared but no one noticed anything


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