My Brother’s Hot Friend – Dayton O’Connor & Phenix Saint

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The whole story started a year ago in February That's when I met Vivien We met at a disco like strangers in two separate fraternities but rather inclined to make friends She was 17 and I was 24 I know the age difference looks big and the others told me not to fool around but this girl's not for me but then I just shrugged my shoulders saying it was nothing serious but I asked for her number we had an appointment the next day and from the time we were together we met every day I was enchanted by that girl I'm pretty free-thinking I used to be I haven't really tied myself down with anyone yet Compared to that Vivien really got to meshe's a nice low-key girl with a nice face and a brown hair almost to the bottom and an innocent smile
He swept me off my feet the first time I met him Turns out he just got back from South America that he's not such a pussy as he seems that he loves people that he's always ready to cheer anyone up that he's like a kitten that he loves me and that he's very adorable My friends didn't understand me they said she wasn't right for me but I knew I'd found her yes all in capital letters I always wondered how beautiful she was how she turned me on with her touch a flirtatious smile or when the fragile body that no other man had ever discovered before came to me I thought she was the one and she was all mine waiting for me and I was looking for her We started going out meeting each other and I knew it wasn't just anyone I didn't rush into anything I didn't rush into it I wanted to live in the full depth of the relationship I gave myself to all the feelings I would have brought the stars down it just took a word I think I fell in love for the first time in my life
Months went by and it was summer I didn't want to rush into anything but I knew that our Love had to be fulfilled soon and I wanted to introduce it to the mysteries of sexuality and I always believed that we had to experience our first experiences with an experienced attentive partner with a healthy openness because it would define one's further thinking He knew I would be the ideal one for him because I love him I respect him I would never hurt him he could trust me In the summer I went down to Siófok the family cottage I got along with his family too from the first moment I met him I loved his mom and I know he really liked me
The first day we went to take a bath the sun was scorching but the water was nice and cool My blood was boiling no iceberg could cool me down I admired her body I admired her beauty I don't know if she could have been any different because she had been exercising for years and she weighed only 48kg she was muscular but she was fragile When the bath turned the game into a hot kiss I knew she wanted it just like me I held her with one hand held her close to me and she clasped me with her legs Needless to say he was feeling my thoughts and now he was much more flirtatious than before as if he had now understood how much I wanted him how much I wanted him how much I wanted him perhaps now he really felt that he was a woman that he had power over me and he liked it Of course we've kissed before and I've started to explore her body with caresses and kisses but so far I've only explored her breasts and down below the caress has only happened through panties He's held my manhood in his hands but only once We saw each other naked but we didn't do anything too soon
I clearly remember it wasn't that long ago back in the spring I slept at their house and there was no one home but the two of us Her mom trusted us she knew we wouldn't do anything bad Or were you hoping? We were watching a movie on TV and eating and I said I wanted to take a shower I asked for a towel I went into the bathroom I threw my stuff down but I didn't close the door completely I just drove in I had my dick all the way up to the thought of what might happen I let the water go I got cold under the shower Shower gel foam and lubrication all over the place and I couldn't help but want to calm down And then I hear a knock and for some made-up reason that he needs his comb now he wants to come in I said "but I'm not wearing anything and it doesn't count" or wear nothing or cover your eyes He said " Okay hold on a second"
My dick was killing me because I was so curious about him I wanted to see him completely naked and I wanted him to see me too and I wanted him to see me About 20 seconds later the door opened and he was tapping me with a blindfold I started laughing I couldn't stand it I was so surprised I'm telling you only you can make that up :)


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