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'It's your turn' said Tom as he pulled his plank from his mother's wet cunt dripping with lust
'No' said Marianne in a firm voice - Now I want to do it with both of you
- How do you do that? - Tom and I asked
'From behind and from the front' said Tom's mother as if it were the most natural thing in the world - Come on Mario lie down under me
I lay on my back on the mattress and he kneeled over me and turning his face towards me again fell into my stiff – standing cock
- What about me? - Tom asked
- Easy boy Get on your knees behind me and stick your dick in the back
With both hands he stretched his buttocks and Tom kneeled on the edge of the mattress bent forward and leaning on his mother's hips sticking his preemptive dick in the open ass of the woman before him
Mine was only half in the spacious and wet shell but when the lustful woman felt the hole in her back she sighed with pleasure
- Slowly Tom but plug it in as hard as you can And you don't do anything - he told me - I'll move
He began to move his lower body up and down on his knees with the two angel-killers in it He seemed to have a history of this sort of thing because after a while he would pull himself on my dick so that Tom would stick his ass in the same moment At the same time the woman groaned painfully and painfully again while she was sweating in streams
Suddenly I noticed a strange noise I looked out from behind the woman who was sweating and I was surprised to see Babsy lying not far from us with her legs up but she was more concerned with herself than we were with our trio
With a humming vibrator which he probably got from his mother's stash rubbing his pussy but mostly his clitoris
He'd been doing it for a long time because at first all I could see was that he was looking in and then he just started moaning and moaning and then he screamed several times in a row While his mother Tom and I were busy with each other he probably masturbated the whole time
The vibrator buzzed softly and it only grew stronger when Babsy kept teasing her clitoris over and over again
Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz
As the humming intensified she screamed little and at the end a long lustful scream came from her throat
It did the same thing to her mother because when Babsy's scream died she screamed too loudly
– Jaaaaaaaaaaj jaaaaaaaaaaj jaaaaaaaaaaj but wonderful
Her vagina was all wet but she kept my dick tightly closed over and over again The pressure in my testicles was increasing I knew I was gonna spray his ass in seconds It felt amazing For the first time in my life I'm fucking a lustful woman and the mother of my best friend and her 12-year-old daughter sitting next to us is watching me masturbate
Marian had not yet finished her howl when I felt a powerful kick in my lower body and I began to shoot the semen into her Seeing the two of us having orgasms or rather hearing Tom's climax he still stuck his dick in his mother's ass over and over again with his hands on his hips
- Oh mama - he moaned - I'm almost done
'That's all right my dear' replied her mother - Squirt me full
Tom didn't have to say it twice With his hands still on his hips he pressed his groin to his mother's round bottom and moving his lower body back and forth he shot his mother's back half full with a rattle
At that moment the woman screamed too:
- Yeah Yeah kids This is crazy
Her vagina began to dance rhythmically from orgasm her vaginal muscles almost painfully squeezed my dick


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