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- Can I talk to you for a second?
Dana got off the school bus and barely walked through the door when she heard the words Her stepmom took her by the kitchen door frame He was holding a glass of wine and it may not have been the first time that day
- About what? - she asked
- Go upstairs and unpack your bag I'll meet you in the kitchen "she answered and turned
Dana looked into it and wondered what the hell she wanted to talk about Then he shrugged his shoulders and went upstairs to his room
Back in the kitchen he found Ann at the bar sipping her wine She got stiff and cramping when she saw her notebook on the kitchen counter
- Sit down before you pass out - she suggested it
Dana let them escort you to one of the chairs and sit you down That damn notebook was right in front of him Her stepmother sat in front of her with a wine bottle and poured two fingers of red wine into a glass Dana looked at the glass first and then the woman who sipped her own drink and said:
- Where do I start?maybe with your notebook
Dana felt like she was feeling nauseous
 You could find a better hiding place than your desk - she said she took it in her hand and turned the pages
Dana sat down with her eyes down
 Of course I wouldn't have thought to look if your father hadn't installed a monitoring program on your computer
Dana caught her breath and finally looked at Ann His browsing history was worse than the notebook He could almost hear an imaginary hangman grinding his axe
- You're lucky your dad's not a computer whiz I was able to change the reports to cover your tracks - she went on
- My tracks? - she asked in amazement Dana
 I guess you thought you were smart when you deleted your browser history but you couldn't outrun the surveillance program
Her stepmother continued to smile and sound friendly Dana didn't understand You must have seen the sites he was on and read his notebook Why isn't he yelling?
- You look pretty scared You want some? - she asked pointing to the red wine
- This? It's wine - said Dana
Her stepmother just smiled and went on:
- So I read the probation report and I was a little surprised at how many pages I was familiar with
- Does that ring a bell? - you blinked Dana
She laughed and said:
 Your father was convinced you were on something because you've become so secretive and shut-in He was afraid you were using drugs to get high In a way he wasn't wrong but you're using a very special drug
- What are you talking about? - Dana asked frowning
The whole conversation seemed surreal and was not going in the imagined direction at all Ann must have found what she was looking for because she stopped turning the page
 One of the websites caught my attention in particular Can you guess which one?
Dana shook her head How could he know which side she would visit? But it was kind of liberating for him to know some of the pages He didn't think she was the type
- Leslita A collection of charming stories about young girls and their lesbian experiences
Dana was thinking of the term " charming stories" Does your stepmother find the stories of young girls making love to each other or to older women charming?
- There's an author named Dfox - she said
Dana was breathing again Does she know?
- I especially like your writing I've read them all And I've read my favorite one a dozen times It's called…
- "The neighbor"'said Dana reading the address from the book before her
” The neighbor " said Ann
Dana had never been drunk before and she only knew the effects of alcohol on TV but now she felt she had to drink He picked up his glass and sipped and then turned to bitter taste She laughed and said:
- Don't worry You'll like the second one better
The second sip was just as bitter but the warmth in his belly was pleasant Dana gathered her courage and studied her stepmother to read the expression on her face He didn't know how to react to her curious look
- So you really are Dfox?
- Yeah - yeah "said Dana waiting for what was to come"
She put her hands in her hair and laughed embarrassed and said:
- Wellthis is gonna get messy
Dana raised her eyebrows casually Her stepmother blushed and said:
 Would you do me a favor and drink the rest of your wine?
- I don't know
 Trust me you're gonna need it
Something told him he had to listen to her so Dana shot him with a couple of drinks The warmth spread even more and the edges of his field of vision became a little blurry She put down her glass and watched Ann reload()


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