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My husband's been trying to get me to have triple sex for a long time but I've never been willing to do it for the world and I have to admit I'm kind of excited about the idea of two people fucking me Plus we both love having my husband's dick in my pussy at the same time and a vibrator and it makes us both enjoy huge things I also like it sometimes when the vibrator is in my butt and my husband is in my pussy but frankly I'm not a big fan of fucking my ass
I said no to my husband so many times he finally stopped trying to convince me We haven't slept together in a while (almost a month) because the poor guy had so much work he was barely home By the end of the week we talked about not doing anything we're gonna fuck it all up because we both really miss him :) In the meantime I got myself thinking more and more that I should just fuck two guys sometime I've made up my mind next time I have sex I'm gonna tell Zoli I was getting ready for the weekend and I bought a new sexy black lace thong body and a nice shiny Lycra Brown pantyhose which I cut out the stride (I knew it would do the trick because she loves stockings my darling:)) and I put on a knee-high dark blue dress and of course one of my lovely black toenails It's finally Saturday :) I left early in the afternoon took a shower got dressed When he saw me he knew what I wanted I walked up to him I kissed him and I grabbed his no longer little dick through his pants He grabbed my ass right away and while we were kissing wildly we were walking towards the bed and his hand was working under my skirt on my ass in tights
He threw me on the bed and started stripping and I started playing with my clitoris When he pulled his boxer shorts off I kicked the shoe off one of my legs and stroked his tail with my stocking feet He loved it He sighed with pleasure his tail trembled and became even harder I helped him with my shoe soles put it in his belly and put his tail on my shoe foot in tights and kept stroking him I gave him a hard time with my foot in tights and my foot in Tights which made me feel like it was coming out but I wouldn't let him Meanwhile I was wet myself and though I had been craving a good lick for a month while he was humping one of my vibes I could not resist his soon-to-explode cock But I wanted to pull it so he could enjoy it as much as possible I took out two knee bibles of different material under my pillow (a grey lycra and a black fiberglass) pulled them on my hands and started playing with his cock and testicles Sometimes I'd get drunk and suck on it or lick it so I wouldn't rub the acorns out beat them harder or just pull them on alternating with the two different kinds of stockings his cock and testicles It was done He was shaking I felt like he wanted to come in my hand
- Fuck me hard - I told you and I already let go of his hard throbbing cock
- I'm gonna come in you big time - he said it and hit me I put my foot on his shoulder and I could feel him going up to my uterus and fucking hard I didn't even let go of my clitoris so I had my first orgasm in no time
- I hope you lick it out of me - I was hoping you wouldn't miss this now because you're very excited about the taste of your semen but we always talked about you wanting to try it sometime but it always made you lose your mind when you came
He started fucking even harder and I could feel the hot sperm rays inside of me and I came again As she calmed down she turned off me and I put a pillow under my hip so I wouldn't spill a drop of the sperm that I just enjoyed After a few minutes of rest I begin to gently caress the sticky tail of our fluids with my stocking hands When he started getting tough again I asked him if he was gonna try his jizz out of me or not He was kneeling in front of me gently opening my pussy and a thin line of semen came out of it He leaned over and licked it As soon as he swallowed it he stuck his tongue in my pussy and opened my vagina even more he started licking his semen out of me I too am frightfully turned on I pushed him away and put him on his back I saw his cock staring up in the sky so I knew it was working I sat on it I took it and with my hand in tights I excited the steely prick as I tried to squeeze the last drop of his cum into his mouth by the stroke of my vaginal muscles His gentle blows made me come easily and now I want to feel his hot sperm in my mouth I didn't have to wait long and I felt the twitch of his dick followed by several shots in my mouth I enjoyed the taste a little bit before I swallowed it :)


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