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Anna and I have been married for two years and we love each other very much our sex life is very creative and active Anna's favorite fantasy is to have someone look at her when she makes love to me Often he'd leave the curtains open deliberately in our bedroom and dream of a man outside watching us make love He was always so turned on by that idea and he used to tell me how good it would be to have his dream come true
In the summer of 1975 we went back to college for a little get-together where our old classmates were We arrived a few days early so we had a day or two to spend alone Our school was close to Sierra Nevada so beautiful when it was with the streams flowing down through the wooded valleys We had some of our favorite backwater pools that we discovered back in the old days and we wanted to come back and see them again
Friday morning we had a bite to eat stopped at a grocery store and bought lunch and a bottle of wine and then we went to see one of our favorite little lakes in Rock Creek Canyon In order to reach this little lake we had to drive around for about 10 minutes on a rather tight and dusty dirt dirt road We stopped and parked the car at the end of the road At this point we had to walk half a mile to the little hidden pond
When we got there we were all alone We were hoping there wouldn't be anyone hereit was a Friday a weekday In the old days we never saw anyone here before 11: 00 and there were days when we didn't see anyone The seven years were different Saturday and Sunday at noon there were several small groups visiting It's been an hour since we've enjoyed a nice sunny day The sky was beautiful blue We were lying on a towel completely naked and shameless It was exactly what we wanted
Anna gently began to massage my penis It was so nice it made me feel completely relaxed His hand made my penis stiffer and stiffer I knew what was coming after that because we've done this so many times before I knew it long before he started licking my Acorns gently and softly Anna suddenly stopped He whispered there was a guy here I looked up into the trees and there was a young man standing 30 feet from us Maybe two years younger than us He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of slacks He had a harmless look and I told Anna not to worry just enjoying the view He giggled but he kept holding my dick in his hand He turned around and asked me to put sunscreen on his back
As I spread sunblock on my wife's back I watched the boy He took out a towel sat on it and started reading a book I knew as a former college student that this pond and its surroundings were very suitable to soothe a man So I stopped thinking about the boy but after I covered Anna's back I went back to my book
An hour later Anna advised us to drink the wine and eat what we bought at the store I agreed We sat down opened the wine and then we welcomed each other with a toast Then we went into the water and then we went back to sunbathing on the towel That's when Anna found out I could make love again just when he started rubbing my stomach as he kept going down towards my dick we heard a splash The young man took a dive off a cliff near here When he came out of the water he cursed himself how cold the water was We both laughed He came up to us and I invited him for a glass of wine We all sat down and started talking He was a very nice young man
He was a college student and we were happy to discover some old acquaintances who even taught us He couldn't stay with us long because he had a lot of reading to do
After a few minutes we went back to bed on the towel Like Anna used to rub my dick again It seems he was completely indifferent to the young guy sitting about 30 feet behind us and seeing clearly what we're doing()


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