Over the next few days I've been thinking about Martin and what he did to me in the bathroom I've gathered my courage decided to get to the bottom of it I knew Vali was working all day so I went to see Martin one morning
- Helo Norbi-he greeted me when he opened the door  Vali's not homeshe's working all day
- It's okay I came to see you
He was surprised and he pushed me in before he could ask me anything and I said it myself
- You know the other day you left something on and I can't stop thinking about you
I came to finish what we couldn't do back then
- You're a real pain in the ass Norbi - I was secretly expecting youI'll be right back take off your pants and book me in that chair
It was easier than I thought it would be and soon Martin appeared with a wet sink handkerchief in his hand I smiled at myself it must be some kind of fetish for her He came up to me threw a pillow on the floor kneeled between my legs wiped away by my already hard-core boner
"Then I will not do half the work" he said smiling at me
I nodded in agreement but at first it was only slowly and only the Acorn And then he swallowed my dick deeper and deeper and it looked like he was sucking it with pleasure His blowjob was occasionally interrupted and his tongue glided along the side of the tail He licked my testicles before he put my dong in his mouth again He smoked it sucked the tip of the acorn and then let it in His tongue fluttered in the sensitive area under the Acorn When she swallowed it up I could have screamed so good His head moved up and down on the penis that was swollen to the core I felt the satisfaction coming and soon the first stroke landed in Martin's mouth He didn't stop sucking he swallowed it almost naturally and only when the throbbing stopped he let the cock out of his mouth He looked up at me questioning and I had to compliment him
 You were wonderful but now please continue
He was surprised at my request he wiped me with a washcloth and first he started to turn me on by hand He had my gun in his hand again and then he put it in his mouth again A few minutes later I was ready for action
 I want you to sit in it - I caressed his head
You didn't have to ask too much you stood up you pulled down your panties you rolled up your skirt up your waist and you knelt over me He grabbed my dick put it in its place and he slipped on it Let the riding lesson begin I let him lead me He put his hands on my shoulders and he fell back Her breasts pierced her blouse I unbuttoned the garment I grabbed the tits I offered and I worked them out gave them a good massage Martí acknowledged my efforts with grateful moans as he rode on my tail He was moving up and down on me neat and arousing slightly circling with his hips Slowly but gradually he increased the pace and his nipples were jumping harder and harder in front of me at eye level I had to put them in my mouth and suck them one by one chew them Martin had an unexpected orgasm and he screamed and he put his arm around my neck and he kissed me with passion and trembling on the lips We kissed wildly after it calmed down a little bitI whispered in his ear
- Honey it's not over let's keep going
He woke up and began to go crazy twisting his hips wildly so that he could take me in as deeply as possible He almost demanded lust and satisfaction which didn't keep him waiting
She cried again her body shook her vagina stuck to my tail and hot moisture poured down my lap That was too much for me my aching testicles have shed their burden I breathed my seed into my wife He got off my back and stormed out into the bathroom I cleaned myself up with that sink shawl I left behind and I got dressed She came back with a flushed face and sat down next to me
 I've had a great time with you Norbika but we can't keep doing this
I was a little disappointed but I accepted her decision I wasn't planning on doing it for the long haul but I would have taken a few more chances
- I don't know - I was looking for an answer
 Because if Vali finds out about this he'll kill us
I took note of Marti's decision gave her two kisses and left her there
The construction was completed and we managed to buy everything we needed for the catering from a nearby bankrupt restaurant at a cheap price Tables chairs tablecloths cutlery and a lot more We also managed to equip our kitchen so many restaurants would envy our facilities and our machines Unfortunately our female help has left us and I have started again with Mr Gyula on a recruitment tour Fortunately he soon succeeded in finding a woman who also worked a lot in the SSR Well before I hired her I invited her in for an audition Her name was Teri but she asked me to call her Teca Teca was in her late 40s still looking pretty good()


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