We were in front of each other holding the bench with our legs open and he drew me closer to him and he placed my thighs on his feet I was in love She gave me little kisses on the neck her soft lips ate my skin violently In the meantime I've been trying to reach her with my tongue I could feel the moisture running through my vagina and running down my thigh My body was shaking with excitement My moves were so clumsy and immature I was shy about reaching for his dick It helped He freed the hard rod from the grip of his trousers I touched it It was hot and throbbing in my hand The veins are bulging I felt big almost huge I gently smoothed the sap down his Acorns I bent down and carefully attached it to my mouth I licked it
- Ahhde "well" said Peti
- Mmmm - I tried to smile with my mouth full
It tasted interesting It's so unconventional but it's delicious It tastes like him It's his body My mouth was almost blown apart by the growing phallus And all I did was swallow and swallow his flesh I had little experience but according to Peti I was able to fly it to heaven at the time While I was heroically working on it he took my boobs in his hand I sighed with pleasure at the tip of the nipples and clung to his dong even more I was careful with my teeth so I wouldn't hurt the skin My mouth was getting wild and intense and he was always breathing louder than me The moments thickened into moments and the landscape turned off around us The pleasant wind caressed our skin as we loved each other I felt like I was torn to pieces if I couldn't feel his tongue inside me I went to a faster pace and I almost smacked his dick in my mouth I could feel that he was very close to the top because he had goose bumps on his hands and he was squeezing my breasts more and more In the meantime he stuck his finger in my pussy which was dripping with lust He soaked my panties
- Uhhthisput your finger in me harder-I hummed And he kept stabbing me in the back of my pretty pussy In the meantime a loud sigh came out of his lips The testicles popping out of the pants clashed as his dick jumped in my mouth He came in a second It was like an avalanche of heat and all the SAP was in my mouth
He got down on his knees and we pulled down my pants and he pulled over my wet thong I leaned on the bench with both hands and he put his head between my thighs He Kissed My Venus mound softly
- It's so smooth just the way I like it
The pink lips have been calling her My body was tense and I trembled the first time he touched me with his tongue down there It was like a shower of all my bodily fluids My eyes were stuck my mouth dried up when he first tasted what I might taste like And he liked it I really do He ate the little peach like a thirsty wanderer in the first glass of water He buried his whole face between my legs Her mouth her nose her skin it all glowed from my fluids
It was so uncomfortable I could barely hold my hands I mean I was weakened by emotion The flame of passion flowed between us as if it never wanted to burn out Maybe it hasn't burned out yet Between my legs he pushed me deeper and deeper into my vagina He pressed his tongue and lips on my clitoris and licked it vigorously I moaned long my nipples stood hard staring up in the sky I was naked My body and my soul Her panty strap was killing my ass but the pain I felt finally coming was stronger than that There was a wave of lust running through my body and I came almost the moment he stuck one of his fingers in my pussy I was overwhelmed with pleasure and glanced at it in a sea of happiness
In your eyes Hand in hand Lips on my lips There is no power greater than love
As I write these lines I'm turned on The memory is so old the images are fading in my head But the feeling is still alive and driving me to pleasure My breasts are tense My hips dance wild My clitoris is tingling and my pussy is filled with desire I want to feel him But since he's not here I know he won't be coming for a while So I'm on my own()


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