Locked Up


- Why didn't you pull it out?
- You were sitting on me
- That's right
 Bee I've never experienced anything like this in my life Mom I want to go through this with you so many times It was a whole other thing than coming in on your stomach or your back It's fantastic but it's indescribable
- I could get pregnant You know this is why I won't let you come inside me Max you can put it in my butt Maybe when I'm menstruating you can come inside me and I won't get pregnant
 So now you're gonna let me stick it up your ass?
- Yes Son you can shove it up my ass if you want we can try it
 I heard about the calendar method somewhere where women watch their periods and they know when sex is free and when it isn't
- Do you want me that much?
- Yes I really want you I'm in love with you
- I'm in love tooI haven't felt that way since your father
 I want to marry you and fuck you every day officially
- I'd marry you but you're my son and you're not allowed to
 I've been thinking a lot about that other city job You know what would happen if we moved No one knows us there we could live together I'm free to love you
- You don't think no one would notice?
- Not if I sign in under a different name My cousin Laci was two years older and died at the front I could live with his papers
- Yes that would be possible God you really want me
- Yes I do I sat on my mother's hips and I leaned forward and kissed her I felt something I've never felt before completely devoted He liked the idea of us living together openly I could feel us fighting with our tongues during the kiss that I had won It's mine now I wished really hard grabbed her tits and kissed her I could feel my dick between her thighs heating up her pussy It didn't take him long to get into the fire I got my dick in the pussy
- Haaaahhh yeah I want you to fuck me and come inside me It could be now in theory
- I love you My mother's thighs stretched between my waist and her hips set the pace It didn't take much and we came at the same time so I sent my sperm to my mother's womb without any scruples I wish she'd get pregnant but it's too late
I got Laci's papers next to mine and I checked into our next home under a new name By September we had moved all the way to the new apartment and set it up Fortunately the old apartment was bought at a good price and we could easily buy a finger and a piece of equipment including a nice big French bed My mom and I are working together I took a job under Laci's name because she was barely older and we looked alike so no one noticed the Switch We were strangers here The secretary and her young boyfriend Since a lot of people died in the war it wasn't conspicuous for a woman who made a good living with a young man it's not true that a guy lived with three or four women So we fit in We didn't keep in touch with old acquaintances and we were happy with our new lives When the French bed finally arrived the Carpenter put the new spring mattress on it
- Come on let's try it I told you
- Let's take a bath first give it a proper way because this is our marriage bed Go take a bath
- Okay come take a bath with me I help you you help me
- I'm coming you little dog
- I like watching you undress Let's get naked together
 I like to see your dick pop out of your pants too young man
- Come on then My mom and I started stripping at the same time and by the time I touched my pants I actually had a boner and he practically kicked himself out of his pants My mother laughed when she saw him
- Now that's what I'd miss if it weren't for you that youthful exuberance and momentum I'm getting wet as soon as I see this I know it's sick but my son's Dick makes my panties wet almost instantly
 The good thing is I'm not your son here and I'm free to fuck you mommy Come take a shower My mom and I got in the tub and started bathing each other I loved it when he was caressing me with his soapy hands and I really enjoyed it when I could do that to him It was great when I was touching her body and body parts with my hands The way her breasts moved and her pussy got me all worked up but I was focused on her butt and I wanted to fuck her on the new bed I washed his ass clean My mom noticed how much I was doing with her muffler
- You want to stick your tail in there?
- I admit I've thought about it a few times It's so hot when I come up behind you and rub my dick on your butt
 Well let's try it because I'm ovulating today and I'm sure I'll get pregnant Come on let's get you cleaned up and we'll bring some lotion to bed


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