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Years go by years go by
Memories blur together
Reality illusion or dream?
Don't think about it just read it
With all due respect my friend
If my brother-in-law finds out Although he doesn't use the internet it's not exactly popular there It is a small village in the vicinity of one of the great cities of Western transdanubia
They know about itit happens For a city man sometimes I envy their calm simple catch What they don't understand doesn't exist At least it doesn't exist for them
From here I have chosen a wife for myself for thirteen years We live peacefully I might say We work we raise the young especially we don't want anything Of course sometimes we get into a fight over that or we just have a day where we get on each other's nerves
Our sex life is fine In the first days there were wild passionate lovemaking which then turned gray as the years passed children came About seven years ago we decided to try and make a trade After a lot of searching okay Sexorg etc we found a couple that we could hang out with for a couple of months or years maybe even once in a while I know a lot of people are against this but we liked it that way After that even our own experiences became more fresher And then somehow there was this Maybe a year ago we were with Ilonkas in their little resort in Lake Balaton
I don't know Maybe we were both busy or lazy to travel for that half-day of joy
I've recently noticed that I've been turning around more and more for women in reality and in my brain My wife's parents are still alive and there's a strong bond between themwe go to the village a lot on weekends
The house is two generations old the ancestors are above the older brother
I mean Jeno is my wife's brother and Kati's wife plus two big girls We've been friends for like 15 years even before we were married we used to go out and dance I wasn't particularly attracted to a woman a few inches taller than me a big woman not with a very handsome face But his cleverness his kind benevolent nature took away everyone he had ever come into contact with
Every now and then I'd forget all the time when we were at the pool with the family or when he was at home wearing a T-shirt and a pair of scruffy pants As her large round bottom shook while she was washing dishes or her heavy breasts fluttered lazily beneath her T-shirt
You may have noticed I look at it sometimes
Last time he was wearing a thin summer T-shirt he didn't expect us to come I was the only one up there with him My wife went down to talk to her mother and the children ran out to cater to their cousins in the garden and brother-in-law was feeding fish at the brickworks pond
He was wiping his hands wiping the ruins of lunch out of the kitchen I was standing in the doorway so I wouldn't get in the wayhe was wiping the table The slanted rays of the autumn sunlight from the window covered her womanly round body The contours of his face were glistened on his long curly brown hair They hid under his T-shirt illuminating his breasts as they swung circling above the convex arc of his tummy I got a spontaneous erection like I can't remember the last time I had one You must have noticed something because when you stood up on that plain T-shirt two nipples were puckered with two crummy yards that stuck my tongue We looked at each other for a moment and then he turned and bent down to put all the garbage in the bucket Under his buttocks which opened up on his body a huge pussy emerged
Yeah that's probably the best word for it A biocouple which is a very wide plateau which is raised from its groin As a frame the trunk and gorge of the woman's globe the light of the undergarments through the threads of the thickening dark matter is a good cover These are the moments that burn themselves into your retina and we can still summon it to us years from now I approached him almost unconsciously and stroked the shores of his ass I didn't dare to be so indiscreet as to get right between them He jumped right up his face was red breathing heavily
I suddenly got sober
What a scandal this is going to be This one's got me all over the House The mother - in - law and the wife downstairs and when brother-in-law comes home he's a good kid but maybe he'll turn me into a fire starter Rightfully so How can I be so stupid with a 40-year-old head? Like a stupid teenager And nothing happened We looked at each other for a little while and he didn't say anything and I didn't push him
The door downstairs creaked loud The noise of children the pounding of nimble feet on the stairs We're gonna blow it Jeno will be here in half an hour It's not gonna be a chowder
The wife came up and we're having a four-way conversation There was a lot of talk And then the new cheap food that opened in the mall turned into a discount shop I can drive her out tomorrow after work because the bus doesn't get there very often()


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