Latin Loads- bald Bottom gets His Walls FILLED


When he managed to fall asleep he slept almost all day he woke up just before dark He decided not to go to school that day got out of bed and went to take a shower when he was done went into his room and dressed He walked in front of the mirror and looked at the bite mark on his neck and he applied an ointment and then he sat down at his desk and decided to finish the essay he'd been working on for a week He wrote it late at night when he was finished put it in his bag looked at the broken door picked up his phone and made a call to change the lock on the day They did they came before lunch and they changed the whole door for him put his key away and then fell asleep When he woke up it was dark so he had to hurry a black skirt a shirt of the same color with purple little ornaments on it and in order not to notice the wound on his neck he put on a scarf and started walking The corridors were very empty but he ignored it walked into the classroom which was completely empty headed towards the back bench put his bag on the bench and started looking in it
- I was hoping you'd come today  Mona turned scared to the door
- What are you doing here?
- Just you - said Frod on his way to the girl
- Haven't you had enough last time?
- Hmm let's see No it wasn't enough I want more - when she got in front of him he leaned on the edge of the bench and looked at her
Mona was terrified of crying but she didn't give way to her tears because the others along with the teacher had just entered They sat down on the bench and the teacher began to hold the lesson During the breaks Frod seemed perfectly normal which confirmed the feeling in her that it was only good for her and not for anyone else Their last class was gymnastics it was exhausting for the girls because their gym teacher was bullying them Volleyball football basketball and whatever else you can imagine they're tired of everything The Vampire quickly became friends with the coach giving him all sorts of ideas about how to offer them He wanted Mona to be especially upset so he wouldn't have any problems with her Before the end of class all the girls and boys were sent home by the teacher except for Monat who was sent away for a few sit-ups Because he was pressed for time because he had something to do he left the key to the room for Fred to drop off at the front desk when she was done When he left he closed the door and walked up to her and sat down next to her
- You talked to coach on purpose didn't you?
- What if I did? So what?
Mona didn't say anything when she was done she went into the locker room leaving Frodo and she would have picked up her shirt when she felt someone grabbing her breasts from behind He looked back he knew it was him again and he slipped his hand to her pants and slowly under them but Mona held his hand and took it out He turned against the Vampire and pushed him to the bench when she sat down in front of him reached into his pants and took out the masculinity of the Vampire gently massaged it and licked the tip until he took his head and forced his tool into his mouth He didn't spare her when she was on the verge of ejaculation and he pushed her as far as he could into her mouth so deep that he felt her throat and cum so hard When he let go of Mona's head he grabbed her back and started coughing so hard she could barely breathe so deeply that the Vampire had to swallow it Frod pulled himself together and put things in place and then went into the boys ' locker room The girl was happy to reach under her clothes managed to get the keys out of the guy's pocket He dressed quickly then went out and locked the door gave up the key and went home
On his way home a stretch of road was blocked so he had to take a different route home He was walking calmly when suddenly two of them held him down looking back Apparently they didn't want to treat him any better than Frod did He tried to escape the clutches of the men what he had done with his bag and then he ran not looking where he was going but before he knew it he was in a junkyard He started slowing down and stopped She heard a growl from behind her back and she immediately knew why she could get rid of those two men and she turned around and saw a big boxer in front of her He ran again as fast as his legs could when he found a smaller gate he opened it and closed it behind his back He took a breath and began to calm down but it didn't take long there were two other dogs before him and he felt that he was ready no longer there to be torn apart by the beasts
Suddenly he heard a whimper and a crackling behind him and he had no idea what it was and suddenly he felt that he was starting to lean back because the gate opened and he held himself back so he could not rest Something grabbed her dress and pulled her back but she stayed on her feet the gate closed When he saw who did it he was completely pale Frod saved him()


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