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Hello everyone I would like to share with you my own experiences this event has indeed happened The only difference is I changed the names and I combined several meetings with a little boost in some places I hope the nice readers like it
A few years ago I decided to try couples ' sex As an Internet site I started looking for this kind of site and soon I found and registered For the second time I've managed to find a couple my own age We had a meeting
In the next town arriving at a cake shop in Keszthely they were waiting for us at the agreed table we introduced ourselves We were drinking mineral water while we talked about ourselves The woman was named Laci I was JaniI was 38 years old Age 38 5 '6" reddish shoulder-promising hair nice brown eyes He had a slightly wide hips but a shapely butt Laci is 40 years old 6 feet tall athletic black with short hair I liked Brandi from the very first moment I saw him and I thought they liked me too Suddenly I noticed that they looked at each other more than once as if they were trying to talk to each other I took the page and went to the toilet and they waited for me to come up to them now I'm telling you I wasn't prepared for this but okay I'm really turned on by Ági When I got to the apartment I was in a good mood
- I need a bath - I told you to think about it again because I got this weird feeling from the way they were looking at me But I've already been directed to the bathroom At that moment Laci's phone rang and answered and entered the kitchen Ági came after me and started to undress me which slowly started to get my dick hard When he reached into my underwear he reached for my cock and gently pulled it out this cute piece said and pulled my underwear down Now it's my turn I said and I started to put on her blouse and then I saw her black lace bra with her shapely breasts I reached back and with my right hand I took off her bra with my left
- Nice tits "I observed what he said with a big smile and then I stroked him with my left hand and then kissed him a little bit on the sides of pear" I got down on my knees and started pulling down her skirt with both hands and that's when Laci walked in
- No I see you're not messing around - he mumbled and started kissing Ági I wanted to get up but Laci put her hand on my head telling me to keep undressing I slowly pulled her skirt down with my panties and that's when her fresh-shaved pussy appeared Meanwhile Ági was undressing Laci I took ági out of the garment that was already on the ground and stroked her thighs all the way up to her shapely ass Slowly I lifted his left foot up to the edge of the tub a gentle scent of pubic lips that opened up I licked it right into a pink chalice
- Oh you greedy little thing - he moaned and took my hand and put it on Laci's pants
- Take it off take it off "he said it looked a little weird but I flushed his jeans Looking up I saw Laci's dick pull his pants apart
- Suck on that "Laci said to me I continued to lick and Ági began to breathe more and more as we kissed He grabbed my hair and pulled me up and kissed me He took my hand again and led it to Laci's underwear straight to her tail and I stopped You felt my surprise
- You don't like it? Are you scared? - he asked Ági
- I haven't caught anyone else's - I was babbling confused
- The snake won't bite - Laci told me And then real quick he put my hand on Laci's hard-throbbing dick I've always secretly wanted to touch someone else's dick maybe play with it I grabbed it carefully lifted it out and stroked it He crouched down fast dragging me with him Laci's dick went right to the height of my mouth and Twig took a nice 5 '2" slightly bun-shaped Dick
- You like my dick? - Laci asked
- Yes Nice one - I found him Ági stopped sucking and looked me in the eye
- Are you gonna lock it? - he asked softly I was just wondering where to fucking look him in the eye
 I think so but maybe it's too soon - I said AGI kissed me again and put my hand on the member and I could feel it throbbing
- Fuck you Come on Do it for me - I'm bored I started pulling it and then I circled it around the acorn with my tongue It tasted interesting
- OHH You're doing great "Laci moaned I got it in my mouth and it felt really weird I sucked it in and out and Laci gave me a little push and I was starting to enjoy it when she pulled it out of my mouth
- Welcome to the bisexual community they spoke almost simultaneously I got up and then Ági started sucking on my dick and he did it very gently almost completely swallowed it My dick was a little smaller than Lacie's
- Let's go in the room - Laci szolt Ági stopped sucking which is a good thing because I almost came We sat on the bed


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