It was winter it got dark early It was snowing outside too in big soft flakes It was late around 6: 00 The university building was empty Martha was in the locker room she forgot one of her books that's why she ran back He was going through his locker when he heard footsteps He didn't look up when he closed the closet door that's when he saw Bulcso
- What about you? - the boy asked - What are you doing here at this hour?
'I forgot something' said Martha showing me the book - He couldn't help but look at the boy He was wearing jeans and an athlete - What are you doing here?
"I thought I'd stay down and exercise" he replied
Martha ran her eyes through the developed muscles the shapely hands Bulcsú was in his class they didn't know each other very well just by sight
'We better hurry' said Martha catching her eye on the boy
Bulcsú grabbed his sweater and his coat and they left But when he reached the door as Martha pressed the doorknob he found that they had already been locked they remained there
- What do we do now? - he asked the boy with a slight panic in his voice It also tried to open it but the heavy door didn't move He was banging on the door shouting out to see if anyone could hear him but no one was there
"Let's go back to the dressing room it's warm there and we'll figure it out" said Bulcsú in a warm calming tone They went back took off their coats sat across from each other on a bench Martha was very embarrassed liked Bulcsú felt that this was not an easy situation He couldn't even look at her The boy laughed in confusion
- Quite a situation huh?  and then when she didn't answer she said " it's weird we don't really know each other I don't know why we haven't talked yet
Martha had nothing to say about that
'You know I saw you watching you in the hallway' said the boy 'You're a very pretty girl' she added shyly
Martha kept her head down she blushed she smiled Then he raised his head and looked at Bulcsú The boy's pleasant face questioned him and looked at him a little shy
She jumped up from her seat went to her locker opened it and started looking for something He didn't want to he didn't know what to do with himself
Bulcsú rose softly and slowly and went behind Martha He touched her butt gently She froze for a second Bulcsú began to caress his hips Martha didn't want to believe this was happening to her but she certainly enjoyed it His little breath made Bulcsú feel that he would like it He touched her and he was caressing her waist and then his hand just kept crawling up and up Martha began to get more and more excited breathing deeper and deeper and when the boy's right hand came to her breast she screamed softly He felt Bulcsú's breath on his neck and on his butt he felt the boy's desire for him
He suddenly turned to her and kissed her violently Bulcsú held her tight they kissed for a long time passionately Martha began to roll up the boy's T-shirt and during the raging heat she was vaguely astonished at what he was doing but she didn't care Bulcsú took off his shirt his upper body was free and for a while she was just admiring the well-developed muscular shoulders and breasts But Bulcsú wasn't too slow he couldn't unbutton Martha's blouse he got her out of it and then he started kissing her breasts and caressing her Martha's head fell back breathed deep pushed the boy away and began to take off her pants Bulcsú quickly stepped out of the jeans ate each other's skins for a second and then went at each other
Their lips intertwined caressed each other Martha stroked me down the boy's waist and then her hands turned to Bulcsú manhood As he stroked her the boy sighed He grabbed it and started pulling it Bulcsú sighed deeper and deeper and then he grabbed Martha's wrist He held her hand and led her to one of the benches He sat her down and got down on her knees He spread his legs and then gently kissed his inner thigh moving in Martha could hardly help herself when the boy breathed the kisses on her pubic Hill stroked Bulcsú's head and gently pressed it Bulcsú's tongue finally entered the pubic lips enjoying himself in the moist hot pussy He caressed her legs with his hands He began to lick it slowly with pleasure and Martha sighed more and more caressing herself with her hands Bulcsú began to gently massage his clitoris with his tongue it didn't take much and Martha came
He didn't know about himself for a few moments while he was resting on the bench When he opened his eyes he saw Bulcsú lay a sponge on the floor He went up to her and kissed her They did not speak the boy gently laid her down bent over her and began to caress her wet pussy with his tail Martha wanted to kiss him but Bulcsú wouldn't let her so she gave him a hike Then he put his tail on the entrance and entered Martha sighed as Bulcsú finally filled her The boy smiled and watched him enjoy his Martha's cock()


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