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From one side:
We had this little affair at the end of last winter It was about 4: 00 in the afternoon it was almost dark outside and I had a little light on my desk two of my colleagues in the same room with me were out of the house Stuck to the Monitor I read a longer fantasy It was about a threesome and it's my secret favorite although I haven't had the pleasure
I was feeling a little flushed but I sure got the air faster than usual
That's when the phone rang Shit some client wants something right now I hired him but thanks to God he was just a Tibi from legal to complete the draft contract Tibi's a really hot guy we hooked up once at a corporate party but we only got to a wild kiss and some touching I've been thinking about him ever since and I love the way he smells when I see him at the coffee machine and I also remember feeling like he had a huge dick when I touched him It's all just crossed my mindI didn't think much about it
I asked him to bring down the contract and look at it with me and then I quickly returned to EF
I was just saying that the two girls in curtain 3 were finally starting to deal with each other when Tibi showed up at the door
- Hey I'm here where should I sit?
- Uh hi Woo-Ho - I was so embarrassed and I tried to close it really fast but of course the mouse doesn't seem to roll on the bench Shit I'm sure he can see what I'm reading from the door
- Best if I sit next to you then we can watch the lyrics together okay? - he said "innocent"
- Okay come here  at that moment netscap was finally shut down
Tibi pulled a chair close to me and started explaining the contract I was deeply sucked in by the scent of her perfume and tried to concentrate but it was very difficult I kept seeing pictures of the last party I pushed the chair back a little bit in case he noticed a flash of lace on my stocking
- Tell me you're paying attention the terms of payment section is very important  Tibi snapped at me but he didn't seem too angry
 Well you know the thing is I can't focus on work and you're sitting next to me distracting me - I said it a little resonant
- Really? - yeah Why? - he asked me and at the same time he stroked his hand across my thigh
- Because all I can think about is how great it would be if you fucked me right here on the table right now
Well I didn't have to beg that's for sure Tibi sat me in front of him on my desk and lifted up my dress skirt It's a good thing I'm wearing tights today and a really nice lace La Perla panties I mean I was wearing them because with a really expert move Tibi had already taken my panties off me left my stockings
- Kiss my ass - I commanded my chief lawyer and he obeyed
I don't like a guy poking around the target area for hours licking my toes so I'm better off being purposely licking my clitoris Tibi felt the essence of the matter and kissed my clitoris with his mouth while at the same time with two or three fingers he pushed me firmly into it Of course reading EF made me wet and I desperately wanted it to fill me up as much as possible While he was operating down there he grumbled gently and I sat back and enjoyed his hand unbuttoning my already transparent blouse and pulling down the baskets of my bra
Wow it's nice to have such a close relationship with the law department it's very important for a company like this
I was so caught up in the fun and I thought it would be nice to check if his dick was as big as it was at the party and I could feel it through his pants
 Yeah and why didn't you want to do that to me you pig  I heard a little hysterical woman's voice at the door Jesus it's Anita Tibi's terrible boss I didn't hear you open the door Now what? we'll probably both get fired
- You've got it all wrong Anita - Tibi tried
 There's nothing wrong with that I should have thought you'd think I was too old right?
- No Anita you're a beautiful mature woman
I was sitting on the edge of the table no panties pantyhose half-down all sorts of moisture mixed up on my thighs I felt infinitely exposed but I was shocked to discover that a little perverse pleasure was mingling with the shame of being caught Anita was trembling with jealousy and I must admit I really liked it Actually she's not a bad girlI used to meet her at the gym she's got a nice body a muscular butt and a small pointy chest No husband no kids because he's a career man although I've heard he prefers girls he looked at me pretty good when I was in the cold shower after the sauna Well now it looks like he was going for the Tibi


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