Injured Straight Friend

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I was 16 That was the summer I graduated from the second grade of high school when my parents got divorced Our beautiful large Belgrade-Quay apartment was replaced by two smaller ones so my mother and I ended up in an apartment on the third floor of a tenement building in the district My mom was a tech worked three shifts at a big service company At that time I was a physically strong well-equipped but rather inhibited somewhat withdrawn awkward teenager but I was quite independent With my mom working three shifts I had to do my part at home The front door of our new apartment opened on the staircase there was another door across the street from us in that apartment was Aunt Edith a lovely pharmacist in her 50s
My mother and Aunt Edith soon became friends liked each other Aunt Edith was a college graduate educated well-read but introverted quiet somewhat sad woman On the outside he was a sort of Gray Little Sparrow who was not looked at by men on the street not dressed in fashion his hairstyle was always simple perhaps not even a hairdresser
As I wrote at the time I was a inhibited but over-heated teenager who in company immediately froze in front of girls almost unable to speak I wasn't exactly friends with anyone When I was home alone I let my imagination run wild thinking of one of my beautiful schoolmates or a woman on television I masturbated wildly
Aunt Edith and my mother understood each other very well Aunt Edith didn't get married my mother was lonely Once in a while they'd go to the movies together sometimes to the theater and I really liked this nice woman too I really liked going over there he had a lot of books he gave me good books to read his apartment was homey I noticed that there was always something to drink in Aunt Edith's apartment especially cognac and vodka and sometimes I saw a glass in the sink which I once smelled and smelled like a drink but Aunt Edith never seemed to have the effect of a drink He was a good rummy drinker
Aunt Edith worked a lot tooshe came home every night So he asked me to buy some things for him I mailed a letter I paid a check for him
School started in September I was just starting to feel really good about our relationship with him because he was very helpful because he was I was very weak in Chemistry Mathematics Physics She asked me not to call her aunt because she doesn't feel so old yet So I called him Edith sometimes Edith
One night when my mom was on the afternoon I went over to Edith's for a really hard math test She seemed pretty cranky when I asked her about it told me she had a backache and everything However he explained the task I understood it quickly and I was able to solve it As he was explaining when he leaned close to me I smelled a light drink When I was done with the assignment I stayed there and we talked He asked me how I was doing with the girls and I told him I didn't have the courage to take the initiative I haven't even kissed yet and most of my classmates have been through this stuff for a long time It made me feel better that sooner or later I'd find a nice girl He went to the kitchen several times during the conversation and when he came back I could feel him drinking He sat down next to me on the couch and said  your back is killing me and you want me to give you a good massage Of course I said yes He turned his back on me put his knees up to his chin put his head down and I began to gently slightly clumsy massage from his neck down to his waist and back It was a pleasant feeling I felt her warm body through the thick robe and suddenly I realized that I was not stroking Aunt Edith's back under the pretext of massaging but at last I could touch a woman I felt my heart beating faster I was getting excited Edit didn't move but he seemed to be breathing faster A few minutes later when my hand was at his waist I stopped to rest but I did not take my hands off him Edit spoke;
 Oh don't stop just do it a little bit more it feels so good
"Well" I replied " but this wretched robe will rub my palm"
Edith raised her head looked at me and then stood up and went into the kitchen A few moments later he came back smiled at me stroked my face and sat down next to me again turned his back and with a sudden gesture pulled out his robe and came out He was sitting in front of me with his back to his waist no bra I touched her skin with trembling hands and now I stopped massaging her and started caressing her consciously Cunning when my hand was at the height of her breast deliberately with my pinky as if it were an accident I touched her breast Her skin was hotand I could feel her body shaking slightly Suddenly he reached back took my hand and put it slowly on one of his breasts I gently caressed her her nipples protruded and for the first time in my hand I felt a trembling delicate touch of a woman's breast I touched the other breast()


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