Impaling 1

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- Pour him another one- he called Balint to his buddy who was standing at the kitchen table trying not to fall He was dizzy from all the booze he drank last night but he wouldn't stop He reached for the vodka bottle and filled it and then he turned to me and handed me the glass Bálint looked at me and smiled Let's go to the room and watch TV
- Let's go- I did it right away The chair broke my ass it was uncomfortable and of the three of us I was the drunkest When I was 22 I got to the point of getting drunk three or four times a week on matt but I don't care
- Hey wait- David called after us He had a hard time picking up all the booze from the table and coming after us Bálint was already turning on the tv when he managed to stagger in
Bálint and I lay on my bed while David crouched on the edge
- Did I tell you you're beautiful? - he looked me in the eye
- No I'm not- not yet but you're drunk
- I'd say sober - he smiled and kissed me He did it so unexpectedly I didn't have time to react His tongue was already in my mouth and I had no choice but to kiss him back
- Get a room- David laughed
- We're there- I was gasping for air Bálint was a good kisser very good
That kiss turned me on She looked me in the eye with her beautiful blue eyes and then she slipped her hand up my skirt He stroked my inner thigh and then he touched my pussy through my thong
- Don't do that - I reached for his hand
- Come on no one's gonna know - he whispered it in my ear
- David- I was referring to your friend who's completely lost it on TV and sipping the rest of the vodka bottle
- He doesn't mind - he was under my skirt again fondling me massaging my pussy and I got wet I haven't been with anyone in like six months and I was starving Bálint wasn't my type but the booze helped me through this He kissed me again slipped behind my thong with his fingers glided through the trench and then stopped on my hardened clitoris and began to crumble with two fingers
- Don't do that - I sighed but I knew I was dead My mind tried to protest but it actually surrendered a long time ago
- You've turned me on  he took my hand and led it to his sweatpants - Hold this- his dick felt good he stood hard He put my hand on it pressed it and pulled a few strings
- Do it- he commanded me though it was more of a request than an order
- I don't know -- - he kissed me before I could finish and then he pulled it out in a quick motion I was staring at her with those big eyes It wasn't big but it was shapely and thick My hand led me to him again and I had no choice but to pull the skin on him
- Do it slowly - he looked at me - Let's get rid of your clothes - she pulled my panties off
- He's your friend - I'm embarrassed I didn't want to do it in front of him
- Don't worry about him - he whispered - I care if you can watch
- I don't want to
- I am don't argue - she pulled my skirt down and my pussy's already out in the open- It's nice - he admired me and looked at me He stood me up and stripped my top off He took my buckle out of my long black hair and put me back to bed
- You look beautiful - David looked at me He wasn't embarrassed by what went on half a meter away He took a sip of his drink and smiled at me - Nice tits
- Thank you - I was embarrassedand I might even be red My small round breasts have been praised by many I'm not so happy with them They could be bigger but I've grown these little hands
- You look beautiful - He took off Balin too I looked through it He was a little stout I didn't notice any muscle but he didn't give me much time to look She was on top of me His dick stuck to my pussy and he kissed me He grabbed my breasts with his hand and bit me in the neck and went down
His fiery kisses scorched my hot body Once again he worked on my pussy with his fingers and with his tongue my nipples caressed and bit them gently I was pulsing more and more down there You turned me on I wasn't planning on fucking I wasn't even planning on drinking but my dad went fishing with his buddy and my sister went to her girlfriend's house so the place was free for the night Bálint called and said he had an extra bottle of vodka and a couple of beers if you're interested And I couldn't say no to that and that's what happened
- Thank you - I sighed he kept going He'd put little kisses on my tummy then he'd reach for my pussy but he'd just kiss it a little bit and then he'd kiss it all through my inner thighs It turned me on and I wanted it more To be pampered by my fiery hole He didn't keep me waiting long and his kisses kept coming until he reached it and finally got to it He kissed her around and I shook with every breath He ploughed through my trench with his tongue glided through it a few times and then stopped on my PIN and began to caress it with his tongue He took it in his mouth sucked it up and then he started talking again()


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